Become a Member of SIGCOMM

The members of SIGCOMM are active in the development of new computer communication technologies and techniques. Participation in this community will provide you with access to current thinking and research and an opportunity to contribute to an ongoing discussion about the role of computers in communications and the role of communications in computing.

As of July 2013, SIGCOMM has 1520 members with a significant international constituency. About 7% of the members are students. You can find ACM membership statistics here.

There are two categories of membership, namely regular and student. Member Benefits provided to regular and student members are:

  • Monthly e-mail digest with mini-editorials, announcements, and lists of SIGCOMM-related conferences
  • Discounted registration rate for all SIGCOMM sponsored/co-sponsored conferences and workshops, and "in cooperation with" events
  • Access to all SIGCOMM sponsored/co-sponsored conference proceedings in the Digital Library, as well as selected conference proceedings for other conferences held in-cooperation with SIGCOMM
  • Permission to post advertisements for academic positions on the SIGCOMM job board

SIGCOMM also provides these benefits to the community:

  • Information about SIGCOMMM online
  • Online resources for data communications researchers and professionals
  • Sponsorship of SIGCOMM, CoNEXT, IMC, HotNets, Sensys, ANCS, LANC, ICN and e-Energy conferences
  • Award for Lifetime Achievement in and Contributions to Data Communications
  • SIGCOMM "Rising Star" award for a young researcher making outstanding impact early in their career
  • Award for best overall paper at SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Award for best student paper at SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Test-of-Time award for best paper published at a SIGCOMM-sponsored venue 10-12 years ago
  • SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation award
  • Sponsorship of the ACM-W scholarship, enabling a female student to attend the SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Student Travel Grants for attending SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences
  • GeoDiversity Travel Grants for junior faculty in under-represented regions to attend the SIGCOMM annual conference
  • Financial support of ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking (ToN)
  • Support of education-related activities of the computer networking community at
  • Coordination of the SIGCOMM community discussion mailing list at
  • Papers from the SIGCOMM annual conference, selected other SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences, and CCR freely available online

If you would like to become a member of SIGCOMM, electronic enrollment is available. To become a member of the ACM, electronic enrollment is available. Paper forms for professionals are available through this link (pdf) and for students through this link (pdf).