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In the United States, and throughout many regions around the world, current events have brought attention to the urgent need for equality and respect for all individuals. ACM reaffirms its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the global computer science community.  

As an international organization of nearly 100,000 professionals, ACM respects the essential worth of all people and firmly believes that diversity strengthens the scientific enterprise and society as a whole. ACM’s Code of Professional Ethics embodies these principles, and our Diversity and Inclusion Council works to translate them into effective action. 

ACM is committed to creating an environment that welcomes new ideas and perspectives, and where hostility or other harmful behaviors are not tolerated. As an organization, we stand with those who promote inclusivity.


SIGCOMM is ACM's professional forum for discussing communications and computer networks.

SIGCOMM members include scientists, engineers, educators and students. They study all aspects of computer communications and networks: analysis, technical design, engineering, measurement and management. Our members are particularly interested in the systems engineering and architectural questions surrounding computer communication.

Special Statement on Freedom of Mobility

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Recent News

  • April 30, 2021



    Advertising local “Pods” for SIG conferences in 2021
    As previously announced, SIGCOMM conferences to be held in 2021 will all be virtual because of the uncertainty associated with the pandemic and the reluctance of many people to travel.  However, with increased access to vaccination, the situation is changing rapidly, and while a return to “normal” is unlikely in the immediate future, relaxation of local travel and gathering restrictions are possible in certain regions.
    This, together with the fact that, in spite of much progress, in-person interactions remain richer than virtual ones, has led to a number of initiatives aimed at organizing local “Pods” to allow small groups to get together to listen to and discuss talks as they are presented (virtually) at a conference. The organizers of some of those initiatives have reached out to the SIG to ask for help in advertising them.
    The SIG’s position is that, while our conferences remain fully virtual in 2021, approaches that foster greater interactions benefit members of the SIGCOMM community.  As a result, the SIG is happy to help promote  such initiatives by having their organizers reach out to organizers of  the conference they are targeting.  The conference organizers will review the request, and if it complies with the requirements listed below, will coordinate with the SIG’s conference coordinator to determine how to best advertise it to conference attendees.  Specifically,  a proposed local gathering will be advertised to conference attendees if it meets the following requirements:

    • It is free to all attendees;
    • It complies with all current guidelines applicable to such gatherings, e.g., in the US, this would include compliance with relevant CDC, state, and county guidelines for gatherings as well as any travel restrictions that may be in effect;
    • All participants are registered for the conference as regular attendees.

    In general, we expect pod organizers to provide a venue and video facilities to project the conference, as well a way to interact with the conference (on social media and/or live).


    SIGCOMM Elections
    On 15 April, all eligible voting SIGCOMM members (in good standing as of 1 April 2021) were sent voting information via an email message from Election Services Corporation (ESC), a third party that is conducting the election on behalf of SIGCOMM, SIGITE, SIGMOBILE, SIGMOD, SIGMM, SIGSAC and SIGSAM.  The message included voting instructions as well as a 10-digit unique PIN that is needed to vote.   If you did not receive the voting information email (from ESC), and have an email address on file with ACM, please contact acmsighelp@electionservicescorp.com or call toll-free 1-866-720-4357.
    You can view the candidate slate at https://www.acm.org/elections/sigs/2021-candidate-slate and the ACM SIG Election voting information site is at https://www.acm.org/elections/sigs/vote 
    Ballots are due by 1 June at 16:00 UTC.


    Statement regarding the Turing Award
    Dear SIGCOMM members,
    As an organization, we are committed to creating an environment that welcomes new ideas and perspectives, and where hostility or other harmful behaviors are not tolerated. As an organization, we stand with and honor those who promote diversity and inclusivity.  In addition to being the right thing to do, we believe this is important for the advancement of science.  
    We appreciate ACM’s reconfirmation of these commitments in response to the recent controversy surrounding Turing Award winner Jeffrey Ullman, contained in the below statement on the ACM website:
    We confirm our intention to adopt the ACM policies in our SIG award selection process to the extent that they are not already present.  In addition, to emphasize our commitment to diversity and inclusivity in all our activities, we will ask nominators and endorsers for personal achievement awards to comment on how the nominee(s) exemplifies these core values.  
    Finally, we would like to reiterate our support for Iranian and Native American students and scholars, as well as all other ethnicities and nationalities.  You are welcomed and valued members of our global community.
    Thank you,
    SIGCOMM executive committee (Sujata Banerjee, Marinho Barcellos, Matthew Caesar, Christophe Diot, Lars Eggert, Roch Guerin, Srinivasan Keshav, Konstantina (Dina) Papagiannaki, Steve Uhlig, Anduo Wang)


    SIGCOMM 2021 AEC nominations
    SIGCOMM 2021 is conducting an optional artifact evaluation process for accepted papers. We are looking for senior PhD students, postdocs, and early-career researchers to participate in the program committee.  To nominate yourself, please complete the application (https://forms.gle/bNsr3tPtrjcnp74c7) by Sunday, May 2. If you have any questions, email sigcomm21artifacts@googlegroups.com.


    SIGCOMM 2021 Posters/Demo/SRC CFP Posted
    SIGCOMM 2021 is accepting submissions of Posters and Demos to be presented at the conference. Eligible submissions will also be considered for the ACM SIGCOMM Student Research Competition. For more information, check out the Sigcomm main web site, under the "Posters, Demos, and SRC" tab (direct link: https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/cf-posters.html).

    SIGCOMM 2021 Workshop CFP Posted
    CFPs for several Sigcomm Workshops have been posted on the Sigcomm main web site, under the "Workshops" tab (direct link: https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/).

    The Networking Channel
    The Networking Channel is a community channel with a regular talk taking place every other Wednesday. The next event (on May 5) will be a panel on How to Succeed in Graduate School, with Jennifer Rexford (Princeton), Edmundo de Souza e Silva (UFRJ), Anja Feldmann (MPI), and David Patterson (UC Berkeley). To register for the free event, go here: https://networkingchannel.eu/advice-on-how-to-succeed-in-grad-school/ . Please watch
     https://networkingchannel.eu/networking-events/ for more upcoming talks, to be posted soon.

  • March 31, 2021



    8th ACM Conference on Information-Centric Networks (ICN) 2021
    (full CFP can be found at https://conferences2.sigcomm.org/acm-icn/2021/cf-papers.html)
    ACM ICN 2021 (Sept. 22-24, 2021) is a single-track conference focusing on significant research contributions to ICN as broadly defined, and featuring paper presentations, posters, and demonstrations.  ICN deals with all aspects of an information- or data-centric approach toward supporting networked applications. Such an approach treats digital objects (i.e., collections of bits) as first-class objects, and supports identification, creation, retrieval, authentication, and access control for such objects through a global service.  ACM ICN 2021 solicits research contributions across the full spectrum of technologies and architectures related to ICN, including work that advances core ICN concepts, architectures, technologies, and capabilities; extends current ICN concepts to new networking environments and use cases; realizes, demonstrates, and quantifies the benefits of ICN in traditional and emerging application domains; and catalyzes, incentivizes, simplifies, and supports ICN deployments in realistic, operational environments and settings.
    Paper registration:   7 May 2021
    Paper submission: 14 May 2021
    Acceptance notification: 20 July 2021
    Camera-ready deadline: 20 August 2021

    SIGCOMM 2021 Call for Posters, Demos, and Student Research Competition
    (full CFP can be found at https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/cf-posters.html)
    The SIGCOMM poster/demo session showcases works-in-progress in an informal setting. Topics of interest are the same as research topics in the SIGCOMM conference call for papers. We strongly encourage student and industry submissions. The SIGCOMM 2021 poster/demo committee will review all posters and demo proposals. Students must (virtually) present student posters at the conference. In addition, the top few submissions may be forwarded for publication to the SIGCOMM newsletter, the Computer Communication Review (CCR). The SIGCOMM poster and demo sessions will also serve as an ACM SIGCOMM Student Research Competition. The ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) offers a unique forum for undergraduate and graduate students to present their original research before a panel of judges and attendees.

    SIGCOMM 2021 Call for Tutorials and Hackathons
    (full CFP can be found at https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/cf-tutorials.html)
    We seek to extend the SIGCOMM experience by tutorials on selected topics given by renowned scientists and practitioners in their fields. We therefore solicit proposals for full-day or half-day tutorials on topics relevant to the SIGCOMM community. We also solicit proposals to organize virtual hackathons co-located with SIGCOMM. Tutorials must cover advanced topics that fit the scope of SIGCOMM and are of current interest to the SIGCOMM community. Tutorials may be lectures, interactive workshops, hands-on training, or any combination of the above. Successful tutorials educate the community members on emerging methods, concepts, and tools to expand the research capabilities of the community. A hackathon is an intense goal-oriented team-work activity organized in a sprint-like one-day virtual event, where members from various backgrounds and expertise come together to work towards the stated goals of the hackathon. Keep in mind that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SIGCOMM 2021 will be held fully online.

    SIGCOMM 2021 Workshop CFP Posted
    CFPs for several Sigcomm Workshops have been posted on the Sigcomm main web site, under the "Workshops" tab (linked from https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/).

    Upcoming SIGCOMM CARES Community meeting
    SIGCOMM CARES will host a community meeting on Friday, April 2, from 2-3pm ET.  The meeting will be held as a zoom webinar, and the link to join the meeting is https://acm-org.zoom.us/j/99281748475?pwd=TGlRaTRUQ3hLVWcxd0RHN3VqTUFlZz09
    There is no need to pre-register.
    The purpose of the meeting is to communicate and clarify the role of SIGCOMM CARES, to discuss ways that CARES and ACM might evolve to better serve the community, and to answer questions that community members may have. As background, here are a set of recommendations recently made by CARES to improve review practices. 

    The Computer Laboratory Systems Research Group (SRG) Seminars 
    A list of networking talks from the past year at SRC seminars at University of Cambridge:

  • March 3, 2021



    Call for Papers, ANRW 2021
    The ACM/IRTF Applied Networking Research Workshop 2021 will take place during the week of 26-30 July 2021, co-locating with the 111th IETF meeting. The TPC Chairs will be Andra Lutu (Telefonica Research) and Nick Feamster (U. Chicago), and the paper submission deadline will be 21 April 2021. Look out for the full call for papers in the coming weeks. More information at http://irtf.org/anrw/2021/

    Call for Submissions: ACM SIGCOMM NAI’21
    The Second ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Network-Application Integration/CoDesign (NAI)
    The Internet was designed and launched 50 years ago to satisfy yet unforeseen applications, and the Internet's adaptation and scalability have been proved remarkably successful over the years. However, the general-purpose and best-effort model of the Internet continues to be challenged with an ever-growing demand for more complex applications with stricter application-specific requirements. How can we deliver 4k videos to everybody? How can we ensure ultra-low latency for applications such as self-driving cars and cloud gaming? How do applications adapt when the underlying infrastructure cannot provide the services such as reliability or security? 
    The Second ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Network-Application Integration/CoDesign (NAI) seeks to build on the success of the first workshop (https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2020/workshop-nai.html) and continue to foster discussions on this topic. We invite researchers from academia and industry as well as engineers to explore novel ideas and future directions of NAI.
    See https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/workshop-nai.html and submit papers and posters at https://nai21.hotcrp.com/. Please direct any questions to the workshop chairs.
    Submission deadline: May 17, 2021
    Notification deadline: June 14, 2021
    Workshop: August 23-27 (TBD), 2021

    CARES findings and recommendations regarding HotNets 2020 review complaint
    The findings and recommendations by CARES of a complaint related to the HotNets 2020 review process can be found here.

    Soliciting feedback for upcoming community meeting on CARES and its role
    SIGCOMM CARES (committee to aid reporting on discrimination and harassment policy violations) assists members of the SIGCOMM community who may have experienced or witnessed behaviors that violate the ACM policy against discrimination and harassment in relation to an event or publication sponsored by the SIG, to help prevent and address unacceptable behavior.  SIGCOMM CARES is a relatively new effort, created in August 2018, and the committee's role (and even its existence) is not widely known or understood.
    Recently, the CARES committee was involved in the handling of a concern that arose in the HotNets'20 review process.  See https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cFP9uECiWruG71wExssznx3mmuoaBDni/view for the CARES committee's December 2020 response with a summary, findings, and recommendations for the future.  One of these recommendations is for SIGCOMM CARES to clarify its role to the SIGCOMM community.  Toward this end, the SIG is in the process of organizing a (virtual) community event to discuss CARES and answer questions and hear concerns that members of the SIGCOMM community may have.
    To help SIGCOMM CARES prepare for this event, we ask members of the SIGCOMM community submit comments and questions via this Google Form [http://bit.ly/3c0OMWS].  Now that we have a few years of experiencing operating under the CARES rubric, we also welcome thoughts about how SIGCOMM and ACM might evolve CARES to better serve the SIGCOMM community. The date and time for the event have been tentatively set to Friday April 2nd, 2021, 2:00-3:00pm EDT.  Instructions for participating in the event will be posted a few weeks before it is held.

    Nominations for SIGCOMM lifetime award, SIGCOMM networking systems award, and test of time award are due by March 31st
    The SIGCOMM Award was initiated in 1989 as a means of honoring computer communication professionals for outstanding lifetime technical achievement in the fields of data and computer communications. For nomination guidelines please see: SIGCOMM Award Nominations | acm sigcomm
    The SIGCOMM Networking Systems Award is awarded to an institution or individual(s) to recognize the development of a networking system that has had a significant impact on the world of computer networking. The impact may be reflected in the wide-spread adoption of the system or its underlying concepts by the wider networking community either in research projects, in the open-source community, or commercially. For nomination guidelines please see: SIGCOMM Networking Systems Award Guidelines | acm sigcomm
    The ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Award recognizes papers published 10 to 12 years in the past in Computer Communication Review or any SIGCOMM sponsored or co-sponsored conference that is deemed to be an outstanding paper whose contents are still a vibrant and useful contribution today. You can optionally submit your nominations by sending an email to the SIGCOMM awards chair (SIGCOMM Officers | acm sigcomm).

    CoNEXT 2021 (Virtual), Call for Papers
    (Full CFP may be found at https://conferences2.sigcomm.org/co-next/2021/#!/cfp)
    The 17th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT’21) will be a major forum for presentations and discussions of novel networking technologies that will shape the future of Internetworking. The conference is single track and features a high-quality technical program with significant opportunities for individual and small-group technical and social interactions among a diverse set of participants. The CoNEXT conferences focus on stimulating exchanges between various international research communities.
    Abstract registration deadline: June 21, 2021
    Paper submission deadline: June 28, 2021
    Notification date: September 13, 2021

  • February 27, 2021
  • January 31, 2021

    SIG elections
    ACM SIGCOMM 2021, Call for Workshops
    APNet 2021, Call for Papers

    SIG elections
    SIGCOMM will be holding elections for the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer.  To see the slate of candidates, please visit the 2021 ACM SIG Elections site:  https://www.acm.org/elections/sigs/2021-candidate-slate
    A description of the voting procedure and schedule can be found at https://www.acm.org/elections/sigs/pol_proc with a detailed schedule available here.  The election site is expected to go live in April with an email notification with voting instructions sent to all SIG members.  Elections will close by June 7, with results announced by June 14 and hand-over to the new elected officers happening on July 1st.
    Note also that in accordance with the ACM SIG Bylaws, additional candidates may be placed on the ballot by petition. All candidates must be ACM Professional Members, as well as members of the SIG. Anyone interested in petitioning must inform ACM Headquarters, Pat Ryan (ryanp@hq.acm.org) and the Secretary of the SIG of their intent to petition by 16 March 2021. Petitions must be submitted to ACM Headquarters for verification by 2 April 2021.

    ACM SIGCOMM 2021, Call for Workshops
    (full Call for Workshops may be found at https://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2021/cf-workshops.html)
    SIGCOMM 2021 plans to hold multiple one-day/half-day virtual (online) workshops in conjunction with the conference, to be held between August 24 and August 26, 2021. Workshops will take place on Monday, August 23 and Friday, August 27.We invite you to submit workshop proposals on any topic related to the broad set of research and application areas covered by the SIGCOMM conference, including topics in network research, practice, and education. Topics that represent new research areas and directions are particularly welcome. The deadline for receiving proposals is February 5, 2021. 

    APNet 2021, Call for Papers
    (Full CFP may be found at https://conferences.sigcomm.org/events/apnet2021/cfp.html)
    The 5th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Networking (APNet’21) aims to bring together the very best researchers in computer networking and systems across the Asia-Pacific region and around the globe to a live forum discussing innovative ideas at their early stages. The mission of APNet is that promising but not-yet-mature ideas can receive timely feedback from the community and experienced researchers, leading them into publications at major conferences such as SIGCOMM, NSDI, SOSP, OSDI, MobiCom, and CoNEXT.
    Abstract registration deadline: March 12, 2021
    Paper submission deadline: March 19, 2021
    Notification date: April 30, 2021 (tentative)

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