SIGCOMM Networking Systems Award

The SIGCOMM Networking Systems Award is awarded to an institution or individual(s) to recognize the development of a networking system that has had a significant impact on the world of computer networking.
2018: The Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN)
The Akamai CDN pioneered the concept of a content distribution network, combining numerous technical innovations with an equally innovative business model that simultaneously met the needs of multiple stakeholders (site owners, ISPs, and users).  Akamai’s technical contributions include a system for mapping clients to the best CDN server, active probing to create a latency model of the Internet, and a dynamic control system that provides load balancing and fault tolerance. In particular, the paper "Consistent Hashing and Random Trees: Distributed Caching Protocols for Relieving Hot Spots on the World Wide Web" (STOC ‘97) provided a deep algorithmic basis, introducing random cache trees for load-balancing, and consistent hashing to minimize churn. With its enormous worldwide scale, the Akamai CDN is an exemplary study in translating research results into a successful operational system.
Contributors: Mike Afergan, Andy Berkheimer (YouTube), Bobby Blumofe (Akamai), Bill Bogstad, Chad Brown, Tim Canfield (Akamai), Alex Caro (Akamai), Rizwan Dhanidina (Akamai), John Dilley (Rafay Systems), Hilla Dishon, Ken Iwamoto (Akamai), Chris Joerg (Akamai), Vinay Kanitkar (Akamai), David Karger (MIT), Brian Kim (Alpine Global), Robert Kleinberg (Cornell University), Sef Kloninger (YouTube), Will Koffel (Google), Leonidas Kontothanassis (Google), Bradley Kuszmaul (Oracle), Tom Leighton (Akamai/MIT), Charles Leiserson (MIT), Danny Lewin (Akamai, died 9/11/2001) , Matthew Levine, Philip Lisiecki (Akamai), Bruce Maggs (Duke University/Akamai), Luke Matkins (LifeStreet), Sean McDermott (Akamai), Gary Miller (Carnegie Mellon University), Erik Nygren (Akamai), Andrew Parker (Netflix), Roberto de Prisco (University of Salerno), Harald Prokop (LevelUp), Hariharan Rahul (MIT), Satish Rao (U. C. Berkeley), Kyle Rose (Akamai), David Shaw (Nasuni), Alex Sherman (Google), Ramesh Sitaraman (UMASS Amherst/Akamai), Scott Smith (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Service), Bin Song (Google), Daniel Stodolsky (YouTube), Ravi Sundaram (Northeastern University), Joel Wein (Google), Chen Lee Welinder, Yoav Yerushalmi (Google)
The 2018 networking systems award committee comprised: Edouard Bugnion (EPFL), Ratul Mahajan (Intentionet), Jeff Mogul (Google, chair), and Ellen Zegura (Georgia Tech)