Best Paper Award

SIGCOMM Best Paper Award

SIGCOMM gives a 'best paper' award to the best paper in the SIGCOMM conference.   If a student is not the main author of that paper, then SIGCOMM also gives a best student paper to the best paper whose main author is a student. Student authors of the best student paper will receive travel grants. These are handled by travel grant chairs although they are awarded from the SIG budget. There is also an honorarium for the best paper award and best student paper award. This is currently set to $500 per paper.

Best Paper Award Winners

Selection Process

By default, the PC chairs are the selection committee chairs, but either may transfer the job of selection committee chair over to someone selected by the SIGCOMM EC if they so choose.   The selection committee chairs may appoint additional committee members if they so choose.

Exclusions to avoid conflict of interest:

  1. Papers co-authored by the PC chair(s) are not eligible. 
  2. Papers co-authored by members of the selection committee are not eligible.
  3. Papers in conflict with the selection committee chair(s) are not eligible.