Guarantee IP lookup performance with FIB explosion

Tong Yang, Gaogang Xie, YanBiao Li, Qiaobin Fu, Alex X. Liu, Qi Li, Laurent Mathy
Appears in: 
CCR August 2014

The Forwarding Information Base (FIB) of backbone routers has been rapidly growing in size. An ideal IP lookup algorithm should achieve constant, yet small, IP lookup time and on-chip memory usage. However, no prior IP lookup algorithm achieves both requirements at the same time. In this paper, we first propose SAIL, a Splitting Approach to IP Lookup. One splitting is along the dimension of the lookup process, namely finding the prefix length and finding the next hop, and another splitting is along the dimension of prefix length, namely IP lookup on prefixes of length less than or equal to 24 and IP lookup on prefixes of length longer than 24. Second, we propose a suite of algorithms for IP lookup based on our SAIL framework. Third, we implemented our algorithms on four platforms: CPU, FPGA, GPU, and many-core. We conducted extensive experiments to evaluate our algorithms using real FIBs and real traffic from a major ISP in China. Experimental results show that our SAIL algorithms are several times or even two orders of magnitude faster than well known IP lookup algorithms.