SIGCOMM EC Meeting 2014-09-05

Meeting Date: 
5 September 2014
Keshav, Yashar, Joerg, Renata, Olivier, Hamed, Bruce D.

1. SIGCOMM 2014 review

SIGCOMM 2014 was well-attended and a success at large.  The newly introduced ideas such as the N2women workshop and the mentoring
program as well as childcare support were well received (but we need to improve visibility of the latter further).  We had
good student (40%) and industry (some 20%) participation.  We also learned a couple of (logistics) lessons to be improved and
will gather those and ensure to pass them on to the organizing committees of future events.

2. Matters arising from community feedback session

We reviewed the main points raised during the community feedback sessions and will consider them in the future.  The points discussed include:

- A suggestion to give a monetary reward also to the dissertation award winner.

- Support for people to be in program committees.  The Technical Steering Committee of a conference could apply to the SIGCOMM EC for
such support so that the PC participation can be broadened and also more remote people can be included.

- How to organize a repository for scientific data collected for and used in or across papers.  Such a repository could go with the ACM
Digital Library.

- The Digital Library open access fee has been raised as a concern. We expect it to go down, but open access isn't really a problem
as authors can use authorizer to post PDFs on their web sites.

- Ethics around networking papers is a recurring issues, e.g., when it comes to measuring and using personal data.  Nick Feamster and
others are putting together guidelines and the Steering Committee of IMC is part of this discussion.  As this proceeds, we make sure
all (technical) steering committees of our conferences are informed.

- There is a recurring debate about the scope of the SIGCOMM conference, especially when it comes to PHY and wireless issues.  The 2015 chairs
decided for those to be in scope but will revisit this issue next year.

- complaints are raised about the quality of some reviews.  This has been discussed in the TSC, and it is ultimately the job of the PC
chairs to ensure review quality.

3. ILB rep at SIG conferences

We discussed that we should have a representative of our Industrial Liaison Board at each of our conferences.  This may include a free
registration, but we will cover travel expenses.

4. A proposal to make the lives of our chairs easier

General chairs, PC chairs, and other OC members have to do quite a few tasks that would benefit from external support because every
chair has to learn them from scratch.  We are considering to create a part-time position funded by the SIG to simplify and streamline
operational matters around our main conferences.

Keshav, Renata, and Joerg to draft a job description.

5. SGB meeting, Chicago, Oct 16, 2014

SIGCOMM's mandate is to be renewed.  We were originally scheduled for review by the ACM SGB in October 2014 but, due to travel
constraints, this will be postponed to March 2015.

6. Any other business

We discussed the evolution of the OO session of SIGCOMM and observe that this has lost a bit of its appeal.  It could help if this would
become (again) a more "outrageous technical opinion" session, but the potential speakers will also need more preparation time.  Discussion
to be continued.

We discussed how to best follow up with people to be implicitly signed up because they attended the SIGCOMM conference.  We will need to get
a list of those and organize the mechanics with ACM for this to happen.

We will have a call out to support two summer schools for next year.

We won't have a call for book proposals to avoid overlap with ACM books.