SIGCOMM EC Conference Call Minutes: 2014-05-09

Meeting Date: 
9 May 2014

1. Update on Sigcomm 2014

A short update by Yashar.  The conference schedule is finalized.

We will reach out especially for industrial demos in addition to the usual more academic ones. There will be ample space demos so that we can invite industrial demos without worrying about space constraints. We will reach out to some industry players, but the demos will be open and accept other submissions. This will be publicized in the next newsletter.

Another important topic is matching industry and interested students at the student dinner.  Numerous options are being explored so that
both industry people and students get a better idea whom to talk to.

The N2Woman workshop will take place and will be announced in the newsletter.  They are now recruiting mentors.

2. Update on Sigcomm 2015

The venue is confirmed to be Imperial College London.  This venue should also allow ensuring that there will be again plenty of space
for demos.

3. Update on CoNEXT/HotNets

Concerning the distinction between CoNEXT short papers and HotNets papers, both venues have come up with their CFPs.  The coordination
beteween the steering committees is working out and everything seems to be in good shape.

4.  Any other business

We discussed the travel grants to all our sponsored conferences, including the regional conferences in different areas.  The geodiversity grants cover junior faculty (they have to apply) and best paper students (chosen by the respective TPC).  They are primarily targeted at travel to SIGCOMM, but also allow for travel to our other sponsored conferences (e.g., if those are better fit).  The selection of awardees will be up to the respective travel grant chairs.

We offer the following geodiversity grants (in K$) to our sponsored conferences: SIGCOMM (20), CoNEXT (15), IMC (15), ICN (10), HotNets (10),
e-Energy (10).

As decided before, geodiversity grants for junior faculty are up to $3500, whereas student grants are up to $3000.