SIGCOMM EC call minutes: 2014-02-07

Meeting Date: 
7 February 2014

SIGCOMM EC call minutes: 2014-02-07

1. SIG Budget for 2014

We reviewed the budget input to ACM for the new fiscal year.  The SIG
is increasing expenditures for the community substantially: we will
fund two summer schools ($50K total), extend general and geodiversity
travel grants to $200K, set aside $42K for awards and related travel,
and provide $20K for community projects.  We will also support childcare
at SIGCOMM 2014 and pay over-length charges for fast-tracked papers.

2. Discussion on Conext short papers vs. HotNets

Last year, there was lack of coordination between HotNets and CoNEXT
with close deadlines for their respective CFPs.  We want to prevent
our conferences and workshops from competing with each other.
While the situation last year could have worked out poorly, in fact
both venues received a solid number of good submissions, yielding good
programs for both.  In effect, there was no problem.

Nevertheless, we want to avoid confusion in the community on which venue should
receive which kind of paper submissions.  The two SCs of HotNets and
CoNEXT reached an agreement that HotNets will target position papers
and work-in-progress and that its CFP would point completed
work to CoNEXT’s short papers session.  We support this
differentiation going forward: HotNets should continue targeting
unfinished work, presented in a concise way.  In contrast, CoNEXT
short papers are about finished short work.  We recognize that is hard to
differentiate between finished and unfinished work.  But SC and PC chairs of HotNets
should ensure their PC members don’t reject papers due to lack of detailed evaluation.

In the long run, it would also be beneficial if HotNets locations
would not always be in the US. This is also under discussion due to a survey being
conducted by the HotNets SC>

3. Discussion of Nick McKeown's CCR editorial and action items arising

The SC discussed the insights from Nick's CCR editorial (based upon
his keynote talk at SIGCOMM 2012).  While a number of the
recommendations are to be discussed with and by the SIGCOMM Technical Steering
Committee first, we see two areas for immediate
action: 1) We are constituting on an industrial advisory board, which would
be in the right position to assess the impact SIGCOMM has on industry.
We aim at having the advisory board up and running within one month.
2) We are considering industry demos and showcases as one way to
involve leaders from industry.  This could also offer demo space
for startups.  We will consult with the industrial advisory board
for guidance on how to make this happen best.