Public Minutes of the SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 2014-03-07

Meeting Date: 
7 March 2014

Minutes of the SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 2014-03-07

1. Discussion on summer school proposal

We reviewed one proposal for a summer school.  The proposal is in good shape and the summer school has a successful track record.  The proposal
is tentatively accepted, but we will need a more specific funding request that specifies in detail how much funding is asked for and for what.

2. CoNEXT and Hotnets as short paper venues: discussion of TPC chair reports

Continuing the discussion on how the potential conflict between CoNEXT short papers and HotNets papers should be resolved.  We asked both
steering committees and they provided good feedback.  It seems that none of the venues really suffered, neither in quality nor in quantity
of the submissions, and the outcome was good for both venues.

It seems that both venues can happily coexist and draw high-quality research contributions.  The deadlines for paper submissions should be at least one month apart and the CFPs should be distinct.  As suggested earlier, CoNEXT could go for finished work presented in a short paper form, while HotNets should encourage submitting early results.

3. Any other business

Colocation of IRTF research group meetings with SIGCOMM.

Several IRTF research groups expressed interest in colocating meetings with SIGCOMM, as has happened, e.g., for the ICN RG on Sunday before
SIGCOMM 2013.  We welcome this idea to foster interaction between the communities.  Such meetings should happen on the weekend (Sun) before
or (Sat) after, but not in parallel to our program.  We (read: the respective local arrangement chairs) can help in getting meeting space, but any cost should be borne by the respective organizers of the research group meetings.  If interested, they should contact the general chairs of the SIGCOMM-sponsored conference, but also make sure that the additional burden placed on the organizing committee of the conference is kept to a minimum.