Minutes for SIGCOMM Executive Committee meeting December 6, 2013

Meeting Date: 
6 December 2013

Minutes of the SIGCOMM EC Call: 2013-12-06
1. Summer school
We have a draft proposal circulated by Olivier.  Olivier will update
the draft based upon some suggestions and the call for proposals will
then be published.  The call will close in the end of February 2014.

We will likely start with a maximum two summer schools in the first
year to gain experience. The funding for each summer school will be up to $25K.
2. Contingency funds
Our conferences currently are subject to working with a 10% contingency
in their budget to cover risks.  However, the net effect is that this
tends to increase the registration fees.  We discussed with ACM about
this and ACM will allow us waiving contingency for future conferences
if we raise the minimum level of our fund balance to $500K (so that we
can cover losses made by a conference).

We agree with the suggestion from ACM and will waive contingency fees
for all our events.  We will monitor this closely and review the effect
in a year from now.

3. Chicago 2014
Preparation for Chicago 2014 is progressing.  They will be the first
event to benefit from the waived contingency.

4. Site selection for 2015
We accepted the proposal from London last week.  The chairs are now
looking at finishing the org committee.

No further updates.  But things seem to be going well.