Minutes of the SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 2014-01-10

Meeting Date: 
10 January 2014
S. Keshav, Renata Teixeira, Joerg Ott, Olivier Bonaventure, Hamed Haddadi, Dina Papagiannaki,

Minutes of the SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 2014-01-10
1. Discussion on best paper award policy.

We decided to use the SIGCOMM private wiki to discuss the draft policy
and come to a consensus that we can use for all SIG-sponsored
conferences. We discussed whether allowing the PC chair to get a best
paper award is a big disincentive and agreed that this will not be the
case because most researchers would be only serve once as a PC chair.

2. Summer school proposal 

The summer school proposal text by Olivier is already in good shape.
A few nits are being incorporated, then the call will be published.
The next step is reaching out to the community for potential venues.

3. Conext short papers vs. Hotnets

Last year, issues were raised concerning the deadlines for CoNEXT
short papers and HotNets papers being too close together.  In
response, the CoNEXT short paper deadline was moved ahead, which
caused some unhappiness.  Nevertheless, CoNEXT short papers went well
with a substantial number of submissions, that were of high quality as
the full papers.  Also, HotNets received a large number of high quality
submissions, so that we do not observe any real issue.

Given their experience, CoNEXT wants to continue with both short
and long papers.  To remedy the deadline issue, CoNEXT short and
long papers will have the same deadline. This should be fine as both events are successful.

4. Harassment policy

As updated policy on harassment is available.  The SC members will
ensure that this updated policy goes on the respective conference web
sites for the conferences they are involved in.

5. Athena award

We seek nominations for the Athena award.  Renata will take the
lead on coordinating nominations.

6. eBook vs. ACM books

ACM now publishes also monographs.  We are considering proposing our
our present eBook to be produced as printed copy.

7. Potentially changing deadlines for site proposals

We will move the deadline for the site proposals for the SIGCOMM
conference to better reflect the overall ACM schedule.  For this year,
we will seek site proposals for 2016 by 15 September 2014.