Minutes of the SIGCOMM EC conference call, 2013-11-08

Meeting Date: 
8 November 2013
S. Keshav, Renata Teixeira, Joerg Ott, Olivier Bonaventure, Hamed Haddadi, Dina Papagiannaki,

1. Tutorial speakers compensation

   A tutorial speaker reimbursement scheme has been in place pretty much unmodified since 2005, including airfare, free main conference registration (and for their own tutorial), 2 or 3 nights lodging depending on the conference being in the US or elsewhere, the corresponding per diem, and an honorarium depending on full vs. half day tutorial. The support is split between presenters. It was decided to remove the honorarium, remove the US-centricity, and to fix the per diem to $100/day. All other parts seem fine.  The general chairs of the conference will have some flexibility.
2. Job opportunities web site update

   The web site on publishing job opportunities is progressing.  Until software for a web-based portal is available, this will be managed by Hamed in a manual process. For posting jobs, the person must be ACM SIGCOMM member to post jobs, while read access will be open to everyone. We are seeking volunteers from the SIGCOMM community (e.g., to run this as a student summer project). One option is opening this as a community project. This Will be announced in the December newsletter.  Job postings will start on 1 January 2014.

3. Selection of a chair for the Hotnets Steering Committee

   The committee currently runs without a chair. It is suggested that one responsible person be identified out of the members.

4. Selection of a representative for Sensys Steering Committee

  We’re updating the membership steering committee.

5. Update on eBook initiative

   The eBook was a successful endeavour, but this also was a lot of work. We cannot do this every year.  We have now 9 chapters (out of originally 25 proposals). We are looking for proposals for publication in 2015.  We will update the web site to announce this.

6. RFP for community projects

   The community projects were discussed.  We will have an open call for such projects, but we will also ask for proposals for summer schools, which we will fund.  Olivier will draft a call for summer school proposals.

7. Policy on waiving contingency for SIG-sponsored conferences

   The SIG expects conferences to budget a 10-15% contingency in the TMRF for unforeseen circumstances, just as a buffer. (This is an ACM level requirement on us.  Yet, conference planning was always done well and we never really had to draw on the contingency.  But the general chairs of a conference have to account for this share, which ultimately comes from registration fees and supports. If unused, the contingency goes back to the SIG. For small workshops and conferences, ACM is fine if we just waive the fee. Given that we have a notable fund balance, we will discuss with ACM to waive the contingency also for large events as long as our fund balance is sufficiently high. This should allow the general chairs to reduce the registration fees for the participants and give them more flexibility. Keshav will explore with ACM if they accept this.

8. SIGCOMM workshop proposal from HotDEV

   HotDEV submitted a workshop proposal to SIGCOMM. While this is desirable, we would like to avoid the term "workshop" since HotDEV has invited papers without peer review and we want to avoid confusion. "BOF" might be more appropriate. When running at SIGCOMM, the HotDEV chairs should also think about the geodiversity grants ACM offers. Keshav will inform the general chairs.

9. Changing location rotation policy. (Keshav)

   SIGCOMM currently runs on a rotating location schedule, which is rather definitive. We will change this to "prefer proposals from the target region." rather than mandate this. We will update the web site after the selection happened for 2015.