Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Call 2013-10-11

Meeting Date: 
11 October 2013

1. Report on SGB meeting - OA and Journal (Joerg and Keshav)

Keshav and Joerg provided a brief report on the SGB meeting held in New York. ACM circulated a document on the ACM publication process. Also, a new conference organization handbook is available. Action item: Keshav to point the 2014 chairs to the conference organization handbook. The open access discussion in ongoing within ACM (and will be part of the topics for the next retreat). At this point, we can provide open links to proceedings from a conference web page for a period of one year.


2. Update on SIGCOMM 2014

The progress of SIGCOMM 2014 planning was reviewed. Some additional items for future conferences were brought up, including offering free child care. The EC will approve the proposed funding level guidelines for the SIGCOMM conference by next week

Action item: Keshav and Jau to follow up with the chairs.

Action item: EC to approve funding levels by end of next week.


3. Wiki status (Joerg, Jau, Hamed)

In the WIki, accounts are created for the conference chairs and EC members. Some initial information is available and people from conferences are already fairly active adding to it. But we will have o reach out further to induce activity also for the others.


4. Selection of papers for ACM Research Highlights (Keshav)

Action item: Joerg and Keshav to pursue this offline since one EC member has a conflict of interest.


5. Increasing membership (Renata)

Increasing membership and geo-diversity to together well. A brief review shows what works in Brazil: additional material is made available around conferences (tutorial material, little booklets, etc). We use an eBook or so in our conferences -> do a tutorial or class about those and also offer as an online tutorial to members only. One possibility would be linking such ideas to summer schools. We also observe that only rather few people seem to apply for travel grants. This means that we need to market those better. The value-add gained from membership must be clear and notable.

Action item: Renata and Hamed to look into summer schools in conjunction with conferences or online by ebook authors.


6. Increasing industry participation (Renata)

This could also go hand in hand with increasing membership. To improve the involvement of people from industry in our conferences, we need to go beyond the papers (since they can read those online). What matters more are the people coming to the conference. To improve interaction and also topics of interest, we could have dedicated workshops? The format us yet unknown and requires thinking and work but this could one element of a larger portfolio to make the conferences more interesting to industry for attendance. For better understanding the needs, we are considering an industry advisory board. We will consider this also for the guidelines for (industrial) supporters.

Action item: Renata: Proceed on the industry advisory board


7. Discussion regarding Rising Star Award (Bruce M.)

There was some discussion about the Rising Star Award. We need to ensure that all candidates and/or proposers are informed before the official announcement goes out. There are also some process issues that require further consideration.

Action item: Keshav and Bruce to respond.

8. Job opportunities [Hamed]

9. Selection of a chair for the Hotnets Steering Committee (Keshav)

10. Selection of a representative for Sensys Steering Committee (Keshav)

11. Update on eBook initiative (Hamed and Olivier)

12. RFP for community projects (Olivier)

13. eEnergy in-cooperation status discussion (Joerg)