EC Meeting Public Minutes 2014-11-07

Meeting Date: 
7 November 2014
Joerg, Keshav, Renata, Bruce Maggs, Olivier, Hamed, Dina

EC Meeting Minutes 2014-11-07

Present: Joerg, Keshav, Renata, Bruce Maggs, Olivier, Hamed, Dina

1. Update on contractor position
ACM has created a RFP for the contractor position to support our conference organizers based upon our proposal text. This was augmented to fully comply with ACM policies.  The RFP was published and we are now waiting for proposals.

2. SIGCOMM 2015/16 update (Yashar)
The preparation for the SIGCOMM 2015 conference is proceeding well. The venue selection is finished, the CFP was announced last week, the
reception, the banquet and student dinner venues are chosen.  The workshop selection is also complete: four workshops were accepted:
"Ethics in Networked Systems Research", "Crowdsourcing and Crowdsharing of Big (Internet) Measurement Data", "Hot Topics in
Middleboxes and Network Function Virtualization", and "All Things Cellular".  The call for tutorials is also out, but the deadline has
not yet passed.

SIGCOMM 2016 preparation is just ramping up.  Not much to report yet.

3. Wiki vs. Google Docs for Conference Information (Hamed)
The Wiki is up and running.  We also have a SIGCOMM account for google docs.  It seems that the Wiki should be the main point for data
archiving and serve as the entry point.  But people can add links to Google Docs if they want.

4. ILB feedback (Renata)
We should track industry participation and have a field in the registration form this purpose.  It also makes sense to distinguish between research labs and business units.  Such fields would also help us in organizing the invitations to the student dinners.  For better match making, we could also include topics of interests in the registration.  This will be an action items for CoNEXT and for the 2015 chairs.

We are presently working on a list of people to invite for next year and on the list of demo requirements for future SIGCOMM hosts.  And we are talking to people to get them to write industry editorials for CCR.

Next year, IMC will be in Tokyo the week before the IETF in Yokohama, which is (by design) an excellent opportunity for people to mingle. We are considering doing an industry day or something along these lines for IMC.

5. Funding for panel on SIGCOMM + Latin America (Renata)
We discussed support for a panel on networking organized in Montevideo (Uruguay) in March 2015 for which about 100 participants are expected.
They are looking for support for some $5000 to cover travel and expenses for the invited speakers from Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.  This is a
one-time meeting to (also) discuss the state of networking in South America.  Renata and others will be there (the program looks good)
and put forward discussion items relevant for the (local) community. Before we can approve support, however, we will need a budget proposal;
Renata will follow up with the organizers on this.  In return for our support, we expect a short report.

6. Papers for research highlights from SIGCOMM/IMC/CoNEXT (All)

Just a reminder: we should nominate papers for research highlights. Organizers should check after each conference.

7. Any other business

We got feedback from IMC on the ethics issues we discussed.  There was some misunderstanding as people got the impression that we wanted to
suggest taking the responsibility away from the PC, while IMC felt that the PC is a good representation of the community.  We will respond and
make clear that all the EC was suggesting is that the PC will have a process and point of contact if they decide to push handling up a level, but that doing so or dealing with ethics issues themselves is entirely up to the PC.

Otherwise, this was a very good and productive discussion (the notes of which will be written up and shared).

We discussed ways to provide further support on ethical issues: for example, there could be training for ethics questions online, for organizers, PC
members, and also for authors.  If there would be such as tutorial, who will run it?  Since this would be a lot of effort, we could fund such a tutorial as a community project.  In 2015, we will also have the workshop at SIGCOMM.

Overall, we should have a way for the authors to explicitly comment about the ethics issues We should also have a field for the reviewers (the same form as the authors).  Offer a tutorial and hypothetical examples of rejection due to ethics reasons.