SIGCOMM Planning: Local arrangements

Hints and suggestions for handling local arrangements

Wireless network

An 802.11b/g network should be available throughout the conference, at no charge to the attendees. Generally, consumer access points are unlikely to be able to cope with hundreds of simultaneous users, so commercial-grade access points should be used. A separate DHCP server may also be required. At SIGCOMM 2008, a 10 Mb/s connection to the hotel was generally sufficient.

If researchers are asking to monitor network traffic, two SSIDs must be made available, so that conference attendees can choose whether to participate in the experiment ("opt-in").

Video Streaming

Arrangements should be made to provide video streaming of the main conference (and if possible workshops/tutorials). The conference coordinator can provide information about preferred providers that we have used in that past.


If there are no printed proceedings, it is helpful to provide a printer to attendees. Such a printer is also appreciated for printing boarding passes and directions, for example.


The registration desk should be open during the reception on Monday night.

SIG Community Forum

Typically after the first day of the conference, there is a one-hour to 90-minute open SIG business meeting. It should be noted in materials and announcements that the meeting is open to all attendees.


A continental breakfast should be served on all conference days, except in countries where breakfast is typically included in the hotel arrangement.


A typical dinner schedule is shown below; variations are likely, but should be discussed with the conference coordinator and/or steering committee.

The reception is not expected to replace a dinner, but rather provide an opportunity to mingle and to reduce the traffic at the registration desk on Tuesday morning.

Monday Reception; award dinner (afterwards)
Tuesday Student dinner
Wednesday Social event/gala
Thursday Recognition dinner

A good practice for social events (e.g. recognition dinner) is to have a private room (to limit noise) when possible. Also, for sutdent dinner not having a fixed seating is a good idea as it encourages mobility and increases interactions.