Vint Cerf SIGCOMM Award Details

Vint Cerf: 1996 SIGCOMM Award Winner

Vint contributed to network measurement on the eearly ARPANET, beginning
in 1969, while a graduate student at UCLA. Subsequently, at Stanford University,
he developed the concepts of the TCP protocol jointly with Robert Kahn.
Later he managed ARPA's computer networking program encompassing packet
radio and packet satellite networks which formed the basis for the Internet
architecture as a network of networks.

Following his stint at ARPA, Vint went to MCI and created the MCI Mail
electronic mail system. Vint then joined Bob Kahn again in the Corporation
for National Research Initiatives where he guided the evolution of the
Internet. Through his participation in the Internet Activities Board and
the Internet Engineering Task Force, he set the tone for the dynamic Internet
standards process.

In the early 1990s, Vint led the formation of the Internet Society,
a professional society aimed at furthering the evolution and usage of Internet
technology and infrastructure. He rejoined MCI in 1994 to oversee the provision
of commercial Internet services.