Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call: December 6

Meeting Date: 
6 December 2010
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Tilman Wolf, S. Keshav, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Neil Spring, Olivier Bonaventure

1. SIGCOMM 2012 proposals

The EC members on the call voted in favor of the Helsinki proposal;
votes were to be collected from people who weren't on the
call. (Note: Helsinki proposal was subsequently agreed to by the whole EC)

2. Technical Steering Committee

With the TSC still being in its startup phase, we realized a need to
decide when new members would be added and old members rotated
off. We decided on this process:

 One of the PC chairs of year N will be added June 1st in year
 N. (Thus, they will be done with selecting papers for year N and they
 will be able to participate in selection of PC chairs for year N+2)
 At that time, the PC chair from year N-3 will be rotated off, along
 with the longest serving at-large member, and a new at-large member
 will be added.

Also, with Sigcomm 2010 behind us, it is time for KK to take over as
chair of the TSC chair, effective immediately.

3. SIGCOMM 2011

Planning is proceeding smoothly. The budget is being prepared.
The per-attendee variable cost is looking high due to food. Traditionally
we have tried to keep student reg fees equal to the per-attendee incremental
cost, but the EC advised Keshav that a budget in which the student early reg
fee was less than the incremental cost would be OK. Providing fewer lunches
is one way to reduce cost. Student late reg fee can also be higher to reduce

4. Conference sponsorship

The SIG has been asked if we would consider co-sponsoring a new
workshop on  network architecture. Logistically, we are able to handle
joint sponsorship with IEEE, having done so for ANCS.
Network architecture research is currently well supported by
sponsoring agencies (e.g. NSF Future Internet Architecture). It's not
yet clear whether  there are enough good papers in the area. It may be
similar to how measurement was 10 years ago - IMC arose to meet a need
that wasn't entirely clear at the time, and has been successful.
There have been some reasonably successful 1-day workshops on
architecture (ReArch, FDNA). At this point the EC is not sure of the
need for a stand-alone conference.

5.CoNext MOU for Rising Star Award

A memorandum of understanding was put in place with the CoNext
steering committee about 3 years ago when Sigcomm adopted the Rising
Star award as a SIG-sponsored award. That MOU is set to expire in 12
months. The CoNext SC has asked us to renew the MOU, and the EC
decided to  renew for another 4 years.