Minutes of EC Meeting: November 1, 2010

Meeting Date: 
1 November 2010
Bruce Davie, S. Keshav, Ramesh Govindan, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Neil Spring, Tilman Wolf

1. SIGCOMM 2012 proposals

Two proposals were received by the October 31 deadline and will be
evaluated in the coming weeks.

2. Thesis award

A draft proposal for a SIGCOMM doctoral dissertation award has been
circulated. It still needs some revision to address timing - the
current draft aims to have the decision made in time to present the
award at the annual SIGCOMM conference. There was also some ambiguity
in how scope would be determined. Bruce agreed to revise the proposal
and recirculate among the EC.

3. Athena award

We agreed to submit another nomination to the Athena award
committee. Ramesh is gathering the letters of recommendation.

4. SIGCOMM 2011

Keshav reported that planning is continuing on track. The
banquet location has been determined (at Univ. of Toronto).  Travel
grant chairs and  publications chairs are set.  Keshav is taking over
as fundraising chair after losing the inital candidate.  Regonline to
be used for registration. HST (the Canadian VAT) is now understood and
process in place to deal with it. Bruce is working on obtaining
networking support by Cisco as in India.

5. Member benefits

The FY 2012 member benefits are due to ACM Nov 15. We should update to
mention CCR online and our ToN support.

6. Publication models

We discussed the issue of how papers get archived and
published. HotNets papers have been put in the ACM DL for the first
time, and ACM was not willing to extend the same open access rights
that were obtained for the Sigcomm conference many years ago.
ACM DL does appear to be quite successful (and provides income to the
SIG). Some journals (non-ACM) are apparently  charging authors several
thousand dollars to retain open access. ACM does allow authors to post
articles on their own web sites. The whole issue of publication models
is clearly one of considerable change.


Bruce is organizing a panel on industry-academic collaboration and
requested input on panelists.  There is also the possibility of doing
a similar panel at SIGCOMM 2011 (for time will need to be made on the
schedule - probably a lunch.)

8. Architecture conference

A suggestion has been made to the EC that we might consider starting
or sponsoring a conference on network architecture, in the vein of the
ReArch and FDNA workshops. More discussion of this topic at the next
meeting. One question for discussion is whether existing venues such as
Sigcomm and CoNext are suitable for architecture papers or whether
their selection criteria make it hard to get such papers published.