Minutes of EC Meeting: October 4, 2010

Meeting Date: 
4 October 2010
Bruce Davie, S. Keshav, Mark Crovella, Henning Schulzrinne, Olivier Bonaventure, Tilman Wolf

1. SIGCOMM 2012

Deadline for site proposals is 10/31, we have heard that at least 2
potential proposals are in the works.

2. SIGCOMM 2010 debrief

We discussed our impressions of the 2010 conference in Delhi. We
observed that it was extremely smoothly run, registration was very
solid (just below 500), with a high number of Indian
participants. Comments were made at community feedback session about
difficulties/costs of getting to India and bringing certain students
(visa issues); the timing of conference (as late as our standard rotation
allows) compounded difficulties for U.S. academics. (By contrast, next
year's timing is difficult for Europeans, being 2 weeks earlier -
although roughly the same timing as 2008 and 2009.)

The fact that SIGCOMM held our flagship conference in India may
benefit the CS community as a whole,  as other SIGs see that
conferences in India can be held successfully. Global participation in
our SIG is viewed as important to our long term relevance.

Cisco's network support was very successful; investment in network
support is well-worth it (Cisco sent 4 people to run the network).

Also at the community feedback session we were asked would we ever
consider a remote presentation? KK declined this year because he
felt you needed to offer it to everyone at submission time, or not
at all. We also feel that in-person interactions remain extremely

Henning noted there may be concerns if students are too high a
percentage of registration. We noted they were around 50% this year -
we didn't have number for prior years handy, but this number seems OK.

The Delhi location was quite easy to get to, relatively speaking (one
hop from NY, for example.) Future sites should be chosen to
be comparably accessible. Timing should be chosen so it's convenient for
attendees who come from farther away (e.g. not so close to Labor day
if the site is far from the U.S.)

We also discussed fundraising for the annual conference, which was
very well done in 2010.  We noted that we should try to present a
professional appearance when sending material to companies requesting
donations, and consider what motivates them to donate.

Bruce agreed to write a blog post covering some of the conference highlights.

3. SIGCOMM 2011

A planning meeting was scheduled for the day after the EC call. Many
details are in place, with banquet venue still being
researched. Fundraising efforts will start shortly.

4. Dissertation award

Ramesh is willing to take it on. There is a template in place on what
to do, and then we would need to get approval from ACM. We should aim
to be accepting first nominations next summer. We also need to think about process and
evaluation methods. We may want to have an open call for award
committee members.

5. Education

We have been looking into the possibility of having a post-doc help
develop education materials with Olivier. We need to check with ACM on
whether it is possible for us to fund this sort of work.