Minutes of EC Meeting: May 10, 2010

Meeting Date: 
10 May 2010
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Olivier Bonaventure, Tilman Wolf

SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 5/10/10

1. SIGCOMM 2010

Bruce and Jau joined a recent conference call with organizing committee for this year's conference. At this point everything seems to be on track. Visa processing has been reported to be time-consuming, so early applications are encouraged. Information on visas is on the conference web site.

2. SIGCOMM 2011

A hotel contract in now place for the Westin in Toronto. The TSC is making progress on recruiting PC chairs.

3. ToN proposal

Henning presented a proposal for how Sigcomm could help support IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. Size limitations of transactions papers is a concern, and there is a page budget due to logistics/editing costs (costs are about $200 per page). The proposal from ToN is:

  • First 12 pages can be paid with voluntary author contribution (same as before)
  • Authors of papers with 13 or more pages pay $100/page for each page beyond 12
  • Papers with 15 or more pages require editor to sign off
  • SIGCOMM supports difference between author contribution and cost

The approximate annual cost to Sigcomm would be in the range of $20k (assuming 100 papers of length 14 pages). We may want to limit Sigcomm's exposure by only covering costs up to 14 pages. Henning agreed to discuss options with ToN board.

4. Education Chair update

Olivier provided an update on his progress. An education Web site with information on teaching material is almost ready. A call for material will be posted soon. A group of advisors has been assembled. Still deciding how to interact with curriculum development efforts in ACM.

5. CACM Research Highlights papers

Two papers from CoNext are being prepared for nomination to CACM editors, two other papers from Hotnets under consideration by EC. We agreed to check if full versions of those papers have been accepted to Sigcomm 2010. It was noted that it's possible to nominate papers from the more distant past as well.