Minutes of EC Meeting: March 1, 2010

Meeting Date: 
1 March 2010
Bruce Davie, S. Keshav, Henning Shulzrinne, Neil Spring, Jau de Oliveira

1. SIGCOMM-EC mailing list

The list has been updated to reflect the current EC (elected officers plus CCR editor) and SIGCOMM Board members (appointed positions).

2. Education chair

We received a number of applications. Selection of the candidate was discussed, to be confirmed by email.

3. Technical Steering Committee

TSC is now in place, with all the members selected at the last meeting agreeing to serve. Jen Rexford is the interim chair until Dina Papagiannaki takes up the reins. First task is to select the PC chairs for 2011 by May. Following that, they need to consider what guidance they will be offering to PC chairs. The TSC mailing list is active. We should set expectations for the TSC. Suggest they report to us quarterly, and start with a definition of their scope/charter. We'd also like them to look at how they communicate with the community, e.g. via a blog or other forums. We proposed that Jen Rexford (as the TSC's interim chair) should join the next EC meeting.

4. Industry/academic panel/workshop

As we are trying to foster increased collaboration between industry and academia, a number of options for doing this at upcoming conferences were discussed. We're exploring the option of a panel or workshop at Sigcomm 2010, but time may be too short to pull it off. It may make more sense to target SIGCOMM 2011 and/or another conference in 2010 (possibly CoNEXT).

5. SIGCOMM 2011 Update

Jorg and the ACM staff are finishing up the contract with the hotel. Once finalized we will be able to announce dates and precise location.

6. CACM Research Highlights

We now have an approved process for nominating papers from our conferences to the CACM RH editors. In short, PC chairs send list of papers to the EC, we review them, and send the approved nominations to CACM. Part of the process includes recommend someone to write a short "technical perspective" article that goes with the paper. Bruce has contacted CoNEXT, IMC Hotnets and ANCS and will contact our other conferences. We have 2 papers already to consider from CoNEXT 2009, which we will confirm by email and then forward to CACM.