Minutes of EC Meeting: June 6, 2010

Meeting Date: 
6 June 2010
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav, Tilman Wolf

SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 6/10/10

1. SIGCOMM 2010

Bruce discussed the Best Paper award process. PC chairs asked Bruce to run process due to conflicts. The six highest-ranked papers have been selected for consideration, and non-conflicted PC members will vote for their favorites, with Bruce tallying the votes. EC agreed this was a fair process.

Travel grants were discussed. There is a relatively large pool of grant money available and relatively few applications; deadline has been extended to try to attract more applications.

Following an EC email discussion on Geodiversity grants, we have updated the page on our web site to clarify scope, eligibility, and the definition of geodiversity.

The Sigcomm Awards dinner was discussed. The dinner is primarily for award winners, not to thank other contributors to the conference, and Bruce will draw up the guest list. Jau was asked to convey the EC's requirements to the local organizers.

There was a discussion of complimentary registrations, and the need to clarify policies with the general chairs. Jau agreed to discuss the policies with chairs.

Visas were discussed. It was noted that "business visa" and "conference visa" are different categories, and that "conference" is almost certainly not the right thing for this conference (it is reserved for official government-run conferences). Web site should make this clear.

2. SIGCOMM 2011

TPC chair selection has been undertaken by the TSC and is almost complete, awaiting confirmation. The TSC will also be providing advice to the PC chairs on PC membership.

There will be 2011 planning meetings at SIGCOMM 2010 as usual. Attendance may be lower than usual due to location, but this should not be too serious since 100% attendance has never been needed or achieved; we should request speaker phones in rooms to allow for conference bridges.

3. CACM Research Highlights

Sigcomm now has one paper nominated to CACM for the research highlights section, and one more paper in queue to be nominated. Five more papers were considered in this EC call. We discussed whether Hotnets papers, given their brevity and early stage of work, would be acceptable, and decided not to rule them out.

We decided to nominate 2 papers and get an external review of a third. It was also noted that we can go back further into our archives to find suitable papers if they have long term impact and interest to the wider CACM community.

4. SIGCOMM Annual Report

Our report is due by end of July. Its main role is to explain how active and vibrant the SIG is - not so much statistics, but interesting activities. New developments like the appointment of Olivier as education chair, CACM paper nominations, and the continued development of the geodiversity grants would all warrant mention. Additional inputs should be sent to Bruce.