Minutes of EC Meeting: July 12, 2010

Meeting Date: 
12 July 2010
Bruce Davie, Mark Crovella, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav, Neil Spring, Tilman Wolf

SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 7/12/10

1. SIGCOMM 2010

The upcoming conference was discussed. $150,000 is being allocaed for
180 travel grants. Registrations are currently low, but early
registration deadline is coming up.

Extra meetings are being scheduled. CCR, Sigcomm EC, Sigcomm 2011 organizing
committe meetings will be held. No SIGCOMM 2011 TPC due to absence of
PC chairs.

The best paper award was discussed. This year there is only one award
(best paper and best student paper are the same). We will give one
award, split among the authors as they wish.

The Community feedback session was discussed. Suggested topics include
an update on the TSC, membership numbers, finances, 2012 conference
site proposals, ToN support, Education Chair, CCR, student travel
support from the SIG.

2. SIGCOMM 2011

PC chairs for 2011 have been selected by TSC, and they are Jeff
Mogul and John Byers

3. Annual report

The annual report is being drafted, due in a couple of weeks.

4. CACM Research Highlights

We now have two nominations in the pipeline. Two more are to be
nominated, a third that we considered will not to be forwarded. Keshav and Tilman have
the actions to produce the new nominations.

5. ToN funding

We reviewed a proposal to support ToN from SIG funds. For the
"fast-tracked" best papers from SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences we will
pay extra page charges (with the editorial board enforcing an upper
bound on pages.) We will also pay page charges when the editors
request lengthening of a paper to improve it. The cost of having this
policy in place last year would have been within our budget comfortably.
By offering the fast track support for ACM SIGCOMM-sponsored
conferences only we are giving a benefit to the SIGCOMM community and
membership. Tilman will give ACM heads-up on the new item in our

6. In-cooperation conferences

We declined in cooperation requests from three conferences: ANT, MoMM, IWCMC
We approved Netgames again. We agreed to approve the underwater
networks workshop (WUWNET) for in-cooperation status.

7. Website

We know how we want to reorganize the content on the web site, and
Plone is not well-suited to make these changes. Neil is looking for
other content management systems (still hosted by ACM).

8.SIGCOMM Rising Star Award

We verified that this award will be determined by a committe
assembled by Ramesh with input from CoNext steering committee in time
for the late November conference. The award process is documented in
an MOU with CoNext.