Minutes of EC Meeting: January 4, 2010

Meeting Date: 
4 January 2010
Bruce Davie, Neil Spring, Keshav, Ramesh Govindan, Tilman Wolf, Henning Schulzrinne, Jim Kurose, Jau de Oliveira

1. Sigcomm 2011

Having received hotel information from ACM, the EC agreed to proceed
with our choice for Sigcomm 2011 host city. Jau will contact the
selected general chair and Bruce will contact the lead of the
unselected proposal. Announcement of the host city can be made after
these individuals have been contacted.

The previously announced plan to create a Technical Steering Committee
for Sigcomm should be put in place so that PC chair selection can be
done by that committee. Composition of the TSC will be discussed by
email and finalized at next month's EC meeting.

2. Education Chair

Jim Kurose joined the call to discuss the role of Education Chair,
which has been vacant since he stepped down. Jim described his
activities as previous chair. These included:

  • Creating a community of people who care about computer networking
  • Conducting workshops on curricular issues;
  • Providing input for ACM and IEEE curricular recommendations;
  • Participating in ACM education council meetings.
    Additionally, a new education chair could support the creation of
    resources such as mailing lists, wikis etc for sharing information
    among the educational community.
  • Jim agreed to draft a job description so that the EC can conduct an
    open call to fill this position.

    3. Awards

    In addition to the various awards presented by SIGCOMM, there are
    quite a number of ACM-sponsored awards for which SIGCOMM could be
    nominating its members. Rather than burdening the awards chair with
    the task of actually creating these nominations, Ramesh will serve as
    central point of contact for ACM awards, publicising them to the
    SIGCOMM community and seeking other community members to submit
    nominations as appropriate. The most immediate award deadline is Feb. 1 for the
    ACM-W Athena lecturer, and the EC will try to generate at least one
    nomination for that award. The EC will also create a list of ACM awards
    for the Sigcomm website.

    4. CACM Research Highlights

    In 2008, Communications of the ACM started publishing "research
    highlights" articles, and requested the SIGs to nominate papers from
    conferences in their field for consideration. SIGCOMM to date has not
    been making nominations. In order to create a lightweight process, the
    EC decided to ask the PC chairs from each of our sponsored conferences
    to send us their recommended top N papers, from which the EC could
    then pick a subset to pass on to CACM for consideration. Bruce agreed
    to approach the PC chairs of the relevant conferences.

    5. Transactions on Networking

    SIGCOMM needs to nominate a new member to represent ACM and the SIG on the
    steering committee of ToN. We have a short list of names and agreed to discuss via

    SIGCOMM is also planning to provide financial support to ToN; we await
    a proposal from the ToN steering committee, which is in progress.

    6. In-cooperation Conference Requests

    Our handling of in-cooperation requests from conferences is somewhat
    ad hoc at present. While part of the EC's decision process comes down
    to a judgement call about the quality of the conference, we agreed
    that their are certain guidelines that we can make public to help
    prospective conference organizers understand our criteria. Bruce
    agreed to write up these criteria, circulate them among the EC, and
    publish them on our website.