Minutes of EC Meeting: February 1, 2010

Meeting Date: 
1 February 2010
Bruce Davie, Neil Spring, Keshav, Tilman Wolf, Henning Schulzrinne, Jau de Oliveira, Mark Crovella

1. Technical Steering Committee membership

The EC discussed the compostion of the newly formed TSC, which will be
responsible for selecting PC chairs for the 2011 conference. Jau as
conference coordinator will be an ex-officio member, with one of each
of the SIGCOMM TPC chairs from the previous three years and three
other members. The EC settled on KK Ramakrishnan, Dina Papagiannaki,
and Stefan Savage as the former PC chairs, plus Ernst Biersack, Jen
Rexford, and Peter Druschel as the other members. Bruce agreed to
invite those 6 to serve.

2. Education Chair follow-up

The Education Chair job description has been posted to the web site
and will be emailed in the monthly news email. EC members should also
approach good candidates and encourage them to apply.

3. Transactions on Networking

The EC agreed to nominate Keshav to fill the position vacated by Jen
Rexford on the ToN steering committee.
We are awaiting a proposal from ToN as to how Sigcomm funds might be
applied to assist ToN's efforts.

4. SIGCOMM 2011 update

The Toronto location has been fixed and announced on the Sigcomm web site.
Final dates are still getting negotiated with the hotel.

5. CACM research highlights

The EC's proposed process for submitting nominations to CACM's
research highlights section has been drafted and sent to the CACM
editor for approval. Once approved, we will need to start approaching
PC chairs of SIG-sponsored conferences to solicit paper nominations.

6. In-cooperation policies

Our policies for in-cooperation requests from conferences have been
more fully documented on our web site. Bruce will continue to forward
requests to EC mailing list for approval.