Minutes of EC Meeting: August 2, 2010

Meeting Date: 
2 August 2010
Bruce Davie, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Ramesh Govindan, Olivier Bonaventure, Neil Spring

1. SIGCOMM 2010

Planning for the upcoming conference is proceeding smoothly. Bruce
reported that his visa had finally been issued, enabling him to do the
announcement of awards and introduce the keynote speaker.

We agreed that the Sigcomm EC meeting should be held at
lunchtime. Bruce will set up dial in for those who want to join

The Community Feedback session was discussed. Bruce will recap many
highlights of the year captured in the annual report, also
highlighting what has been done to address concerns around
transparency, such as the online posting of minutes and the creation
of the TSC. Olivier will talk for 5 minutes or so on what he is trying
to do as Education Chair.

Jau has asked about recording video of the Keynote. We would like this
to happen in the hope that we can put it up on the Multimedia section
of the ACM Digital Library. Jau will check progress and let Bruce know
if more help is needed.

The next conference call for Sigcomm conference planning is on
Saturday August 7 at 10am EDT. We'll have a better sense of any last
minute issues and registration numbers after that.

2. Sigcomm annual report

This has now been filed with ACM and was discussed with those who
hadn't seen it. It will shortly be posted to the Sigcomm website.

3. SIGCOMM Viability Review

The SIGCOMM Viability review will take place Sept 20. Aside from
metrics such as financial strength and membership numbers, we should
highlight what novel things the SIG is doing (e.g. we think we are
leaders in terms of international activity) and how we are addressing
challenges such as industry liaison and highly selective
conferences. The goal is to share information with other SIGs and
hopefully gather some feedback on how they may be addressing similar
issues. Bruce will work on the slides in the next few weeks.

4. In cooperation conferences

There was little activity in the last month aside from the discovery
that WUWNET was asking us to sponsor rather than co-operate with their
conference. Ramesh agreed to check whether SIGMOBILE was getting asked
for sponsorship and Bruce agreed to follow up with conference
organizers to see what they actually want to do.