Minutes of EC Meeting: April 5, 2010

Meeting Date: 
5 April 2010
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, S. Keshav, Neil Spring, Jen Rexford, Olivier Bonaventure, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Dina Papagiannaki, Tilman Wolf

1. Update from the Technical Steering Committee (chair: Dina)

We invited the TSC chair (Dina) and Jen Rexford (who has been interim chair) to join, so we could get a report of the TSC's progress and provide guidance as needed. The first TSC Conference call was scheduled for a week hence. First task for the TSC is to select PC chairs for SIGCOMM 2011, and the TSC asked for clarification that no commitments had been made previously to potential chairs. Bruce confirmed that SIGCOMM EC did not make any commitments for 2011.

We agreed that the TSC should handle selection and invitations of PC Chairs. There was a discussion of how much the TSC can/should influence other aspects of SIGCOMM, such as publication of best paper nominees (rather than just the winner). The general view is that the TSC should propose best practices on any matter related to the technical program. Input can be solicited from anywhere (e.g., SIGCOMM blog). Some larger issues may require coordination with EC - PC-chair type decisions reside with the TSC, general-chair type decisions with the EC.

2. SIGCOMM 2010 updates

Generally progressing smoothly. Jau attended a conference call about travel grants (geodiversity, etc.). There has been discussion about industry workshop on last day of conference, but some pushback on the idea of fitting it into a lunch slot, and concerns about competing against other workshops. It seems it may be better to try for 2011. We can also try for a panel at CoNEXT 2010, for which we have more time, and a precedent of panels.

3. SIGCOMM 2011 updates

Hotel and dates have been decided.

4. Education chair position

Olivier is the new education chair and will join the regular EC calls. He described his current goals/plans:

  • Restart mailing list for education (preferably under ACM)
  • Create a blog/web site for people to put and review teaching material. Ongoing maintenance of such a site may become an issue; people may want to simply put pointer to their sites. Access control may be a concern (in particular for exercises and solutions).
  • Run a shadow TPC meeting for CoNEXT during SIGCOMM
  • Create a group of people advising the education chair.
  • Hold an education workshop (Maybe for SIGCOMM 2011, or co-locate with other conferences on more targeted topics; ideas to be collected on mailing list)

5. CACM nominations

So far we have received four nominations (two from CoNEXT, two from Hotnets). The CoNEXT ones have been approved by the EC and Keshav will put together nomination packages for them. The EC needs to decide about the Hotnets papers.

6. Awards

We nominated a candidate for the Athena award; our nominee did not win, but the award committee suggested re-nomination for next year. Ramesh has a number of SIGCOMM award nominations in hand and is looking for a chair of the test of time award committee.