Minutes of EC Meeting: September 8, 2009

Meeting Date: 
8 September 2009
Bruce Davie, Mark Crovella, Jau de Oliveira, Ramesh Govindan, Tilman Wolf

SIGCOMM EC Conference Call 9/8/09

1. SIGCOMM 2009 follow-up

Jau gave a short report on SIGCOMM 2009. Overall, things went quite
smoothly. Two areas for improvement: Internet access, and
billing/accounting support. Bruce is investigating possible Cisco help
with the Internet issue for next year. Dolors has provided information
that should be helpful to future local arrangements chairs regarding
billing and accounting.

2. Bylaws

Continued discussion on the SIGCOMM bylaws. The authoritative version
is on ACM website at
http://www.acm.org/sigs/bylaws-contents/comm_bylaws/ Current operation
of SIG roughly follows bylaws; there is a clearer distinction between
executive committee and "board" (EC is only the elected officers, past
chair, and CCR editor-in-chief). The lack of a functioning Technical
Advisory Committee is the major difference between current procedures
and the bylaws. While major changes require 10% of the membership to
vote and a two thirds "yes" vote, removing the TAC would appear to be
a "minor change", which can be approved in a streamlined process.

Also noted that we should make it easier to find the bylaws and
similar information as we work to improve the website.

3. Budget

The SIG has a considerable surplus; need process for giving back to
community. Discussion of possible uses included:

  • Travel support for regional students for SIGCOMM 2010
  • Return to next-year conferences
  • Funding for volunteer travel
  • Travel grants for conferences
  • Increase membership (stop decrease)
  • Transactions on Networking support
    Discussion will continue. The overall goal is to incrementally change
    from making a surplus to breaking even long-term.
  • 4. SIGCOMM 2011

    Still looking for site proposals. October 31 deadline.

    5. Education chair position

    We would like to fill this position; need to find volunteer with
    energy and a clear vision.