Minutes of EC Meeting: October 5, 2009

Meeting Date: 
5 October 2009
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Neil Spring, S. Keshav, Mark Crovella, Tilman Wolf

1. Sigcomm 2011

We have indication that we will get at least one or two proposals by the
end of October deadline.

2. Workshop guidance for Sigcomm 2010

A discussion took place about the types of workshops that should be
considered for Sigcomm 2010, and the EC decided to offer some non-binding
guidance to chairs. Ideally we want to broaden the topic coverage
beyond the traditional Sigcomm topics (e.g., social networking,
information-centric networking, etc.), to attract a broader audience, and
to maintain high quality while providing opportunities for new
areas. We agreed that the 2-year limit for workshops need no longer be
enforced, but new topics are encouraged. 3rd time workshops should not
crowd out new workshops, but are not disqualified. If a topic area is
already well served by other events (including the main conference),
we may not want to spend a workshop slot on creating yet another event
in the area. Clearly there is a balancing act among all these

3. Website navigation

Bruce and Neil have begun looking at restructuring the Sigcomm website
to simplify navigation and improve ease of finding information. Neil
showed a draft of new web site structure modeled after some other SIG's sites.
We'd like to have some combination of tree-based and role-based
navigation (example roles: paper author, conference organizer,
prospective member, etc.) Analytics are already being collected for
the main site, but not for conferences - could use this to get a
better picture of current use. We should ensure pages contain suitable
titles to make search effective. In addition to organizing content,
we need to ensure content stays up-to-date. This may require help
beyond the webmaster - consider community participation.
Ideally we would like to see integration of CCR online with Sigcomm
web site, or at least coordination between CCR and web site. Today
they are quite separate.

4. SIG Budget Surplus

We should start to consider proposals to spend some of the surplus on
the next EC call.

5. Technical Steering Committee proposal next steps

There is no ongoing discussion on this topic; seems there is
sufficient buy-in to go ahead. The first conference affected would be
Sigcomm 2011.

6. Bylaws

Given difficulty of making major changes via a referendum, and the
fact that mostly the bylaws seem OK, we will plan to do minimal
revisions that do not need a vote, following the lightweight process
developed by ACM. We would simply remove the
no-longer extant Technical Advisory Committee so that the bylaws
accurately reflect current operation. There seems no need to enshrine
the new TSC in the bylaws.