Minutes of EC Meeting: November 2, 2009

Meeting Date: 
2 November 2009
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Neil Spring, Mark Crovella, Tilman Wolf

1. SIG Governing Board Meeting & SIG leader orientation

Bruce and Ramesh attended the new SIG leader orientation in New York
and then attended the SIG Governing Board meeting the next day, along
with Henning. A few observations from the 2 days:

  • Many SIGs experience common issues, and there is a desire to share
    experience and best practices among the SIG leaders. ACM undertook to
    set up a wiki for this purpose.
  • A particularly common pain point is organizing conferences outside
    the U.S. It appears that ACM could provide more services than we
    typically ask for, and they are taking active steps to improve their
    presence outside the U.S. (e.g. opening offices, forming an ACM
    Europe committee, etc.)
  • It was pointed out that the "ACM tax" that appears on conference
    budgets really isn't a fee for conference services, but rather the
    way ACM collects money from the SIGs to pay for the cost of
    supporting the SIGs. We (the EC) should make this point more clear to
    conference organizers.
  • 2. Sigcomm 2011

    The EC has received two proposals for Sigcomm 2011 in North America,
    both of which have much to recommend them. Evaluation of the proposals
    will continue this month with the hope to make a selection at the
    December EC meeting. It is expected that the new Technical Steering
    Committee proposal could be put in place for Sigcomm 2011.

    3. Budget surplus / reserves

    Having now built up a reserve fund larger than the amount required by
    ACM, we would like to think about ways to spend some of that surplus
    to help the SIGCOMM community. Ideas discussed on the call included:

  • Use for conferences
    While conferences can not plan to run a deficit, SIGCOMM can offer to
    pay certain costs for conferences (eg travel grants, ACM overhead). We
    can also offer travel support for volunteers, but a transparent and
    fair process will be needed for this. Bruce agreed to talk to the
    SIGCOMM 2010 chairs about a regional travel grant.
  • Support for ToN
    Could fund an increase in page limits, or cover page charges for authors with
    demonstrated need. While it would also be nice to reduce review times,
    it's not clear how to solve this using money. Henning agreed to work
    on a concrete proposal for ToN, working with Keshav.
  • Web site
    We learned from ACM that it's possible to contract with professional
    web developers. Not clear if this is what we need at this point.
  • Educational workshop
    As we continue to discuss what the SIG could do to help in the
    education area, one option is to support participation in a workshop
    on the topic.
  • 4. Member benefits

    We need to update our description of SIGCOMM member benefits so ACM
    can begin 2011 budget planning. This discussion will be done by email.