Minutes of EC Meeting: December 7, 2009

Meeting Date: 
7 December 2009
Bruce Davie, Neil Spring, Keshav, Ramesh Govindan, Mark Crovella, Tilman Wolf

1. Sigcomm 2011

The EC continued review of two strong proposals for Sigcomm 2011 in North America. ACM has been asked to gather hotel information for the candidate cities in case that is a significant factor. Once that information is in hand (due in December) we should be able to make a final decision.


Bruce has been added to the Steering Committee and attended the conference in Rome. He felt it was an outstanding conference, and agreed to write a blog post sharing his thoughts on the conference. Paper quality was high, in many cases as good as or better than Sigcomm papers. The banquet venue and food was excellent despite having to rebook on two weeks notice. Strong, experienced steering committee and general and PC chairs. The EC agreed to use some of the SIG budget surplus for travel grant support for CoNEXT 2010 (as done for SIGCOMM 2010). Student who submit posters may be good recipients since their advisors may not want to pay travel for poster authors without full papers. We agreed on a baseline contribution of $10k for each of CoNEXT and SIGCOMM (with deviations as necessary).

3. Awards

In addition to the awards offered by SIGCOMM, there are many ACM opportunities as well (such as the Turing award, Athena lecturer, etc. - full list here.) The SIG should be trying to put forward candidates for these awards when it makes sense, but this is too much work for the awards chair - needs to be a concerted effort to support awards chair. Bruce and Ramesh to discuss further.

Related to this, the SIG should try to submit some papers for conisderation in Communications of the ACM. The EC had previously proposed a committee structure to collect such papers; Mark will resend the proposal. Just as some conferences (e.g. SIGCOMM) currently fast-track some papers to a journal (e.g. ToN), we could start asking conference organizers to select top papers for submission to CACM.