A Declarative and Expressive Approach to Control Forwarding Paths in Carrier-Grade Networks

Renaud Hartert, Stefano Vissicchio, Pierre Schaus, Olivier Bonaventure, Clarence Filsfils, Thomas Telkamp, Pierre Francois
Appears in: 
CCR August 2015

SDN simpli??~Aes network management by relying on declarativity (high-level interface) and expressiveness (network ??~Bexibility). We propose a solution to support those features while preserving high robustness and scalability as needed in carrier-grade networks. Our solution is based on (i) a two-layer architecture separating connectivity and optimization tasks; and (ii) a centralized optimizer called DEFO, which translates high-level goals expressed almost in natural language into compliant network con??~Agurations. Our evaluation on real and synthetic topologies shows that DEFO improves the state of the art by (i) achieving better trade-o??~@s for classic goals covered by previous works, (ii) supporting a larger set of goals (re??~Aned tra??~Cc engineering and service chaining), and (iii) optimizing large ISP networks in few seconds. We also quantify the gains of our implementation, running Segment Routing on top of IS-IS, over possible alternatives (RSVP-TE and OpenFlow).