Turing, the internet and a theory for architecture: a (fictional?) tale in three parts

Dirk Trossen
Appears in: 
CCR July 2012

The late noughties have seen an influx of work in different scientific disciplines, all addressing the question of 'design' and 'architecture'. It is a battle between those advocating the theory of 'emergent properties' and others who strive for a 'theory for 'architecture'. We provide a particular insight into this battle, represented in the form of a story that focuses on the role of a possibly unusual protagonist and his influence on computer science, the Internet, architecture and beyond. We show his relation to one of the great achievements of system engineering, the Internet, and the possible future as it might unfold. Note from the writer: The tale is placed in a mixture of reality and fiction, while postulating a certain likelihood for this fiction. There is no proof for the assertions made in this tale, leaving the space for a sequel to be told.