Public minutes for 2013-09-19 EC conference call

Meeting Date: 
19 September 2013
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Tilman Wolf

Public Minutes for SIGCOMM Executive Committee meeting


1. Travel grants

We have already agreed in principle that the prior year surplus would be used to fund travel grants for the next year. Moreover, to deal with increasing costs, we would like to increase the geodiversity and student travel grant max as follows: (a) geodiversity: up to $3500 (b) general student grant: up to $2500

• We have also approved grants for COMSNETS as follows

  • –  4 student travel grants

  • –  up to six matching grants to cover extra cost for going to India (was ≤ $1000 this year)

  • –  best paper awardee geodiversity grant to go to SIGCOMM

    • We need to decide grant levels for CoNEXT

    • –  We decidd to assign $30K for travel grants to CoNEXT. This would make 12 @ $2500, but the dimensioning of individual grants is up to them.

    • –  On top they get rising star award travel grant.

  1. Open access for SIG conferences: authors need to send the authorizer link to the web chair for inclusion in the online proceedings. We can try it out with CoNext. Hamed to send out steps on what to do. If this works, we will need to tell in CFP or website about need for authorizer access and time of release.

  2. CFP for hosting SIGCOMM 2015. The call has to go out in October and will also be included in the next newsletter.

  3. We should request Steering committee seats for all SIG-sponsored conferences. The following people are assigned to the respective venues.

    (a) HotNets Workshop (Keshav)
    (b) CoNEXT Conference (Bruce Davie)

    (c) The Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) (Dina) (d) SenSys Conference (Keshav)
    (e) e-Energy Conference (Keshav)

    (f) Latin America Networking Conference (Renata) (g) ANCS Conference (Keshav)
    (h) ICN Conference (Joerg)

    1. Publishing job opportunities.

      We need a way to communicate postdoc and job opportunities. This is an excel- lent opportunity for industry to approach academics at all stages of their career and thus an important touching point between the two. There are many options: The website? Mailing list? Facebook? LinkedIn?

      Some initial discussion suggested We could do a live document as read-only (which or a copy of which) could reside as a Facebook document on the Face- book page. Job openings to be emailed to Hamed for addition; he will also take care of maintaining (cleaning up) old items. In addition, Hamed can post sum- maries of openings via other channels. It is noted that publication runs a nice platform for sharing job opportunities and subscribing to them (RSS- based generated from URLs inserted).

      Action item: Renata and Hamed to work on the right way to do this.

    2. Need to update the TSC.

      This means replacing one former PC co-chair and one of the representative mem- bers of the SIGCOMM community, in both cases the longest serving members.

      Action item: Keshav to contact the potential new members.

    3. Feedback to 2014 General Chairs as agreed to in Hong Kong.

      We have collected previous chairs’ email address and will add them to the Wiki as well as the list of questions. Create accounts for all the chairs and inform them.

      Action item: Hamed to create the accounts, Joerg to provide the initial set of questions.

    4. Sheridan oversight.

      At the last SIGCOMM, quite a few authors updated the author list or changed the title of their poster or paper. We need to tell Sheridan to check authors more carefully and contact the PC chairs in case of any such changes for explicit con- firmation that this change is ok.

      Action item: Keshav to contact Sheridan.

    5. SIGCOMM conference support.

    Conference support level have changed over the years and the issue was raised if long-standing supporters could benefit from a ’frequent supporter’ program. We need a document on consistent support levels.

    Action item: Joerg to collect information from previous years and create such a document.