October 2015 SIGCOMM Newsletter

October 2015 SIGCOMM Newsletter
Dear SIGCOMM Community Members,
In the last weeks we have seen potentially major disruptions to the Internet economy landscape, with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) calling off the [far-from-perfect] EU-US Safe-Harbour agreement. The implications are roughly translatable to transatlantic data transfers made under the agreement being ruled illegal across the EU under the Privacy Directive. US and EU have vastly different interpretation of personal data ownership, privacy, and ethics; hence this new ruling can have severe impact on the operation of many of the largest Internet organisations which are centred around personal data harvesting. Some of these corporations have started developing their own alternative solutions (and the associated PR), albeit it remains to be seen what legal challenges they will face in the EU.
Here is the news for this month:
1. SIGCOMM Rising Star Award Winner 2015
2. Nominations solicited for the 2015 SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award
3. ACM SIGCOMM 2016 Call for Workshop Proposals
4. CoNext 2015 Program, travel grants, and early registration
5. SIGCOMM 2015 session recordings
1. The SIGCOMM Rising Star Award 2015 winner is Brighten Godfrey (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). The award to Brighten Godfrey is in recognition of outstanding research contributions, early in his career in network architecture. His work has brought a synergy of algorithmic and systems insights to make significant contributions in problems such as pathlet routing, data center architectures, and network verification. Congratulations, Brighten!
2. Nominations are now open for the SIGCOMM doctoral dissertation award. To be eligible, the final dissertation defense should take place at the nominee’s host institution during the 12 months before the submission deadline. Submissions must be received by the current SIGCOMM Awards Chair, (Bruce Maggs) by November 30. Please see the nominations page for more information:
3. SIGCOMM 2016 will hold multiple one-day workshops in conjunction with the conference, to be held in Salvador, Brazil from August 22 to 26, 2016. Workshops will take place on Monday, August 22 and Friday, August 26.  http://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2016/cfwp.php
   November 23, 2015   Workshop proposals due
   December 4, 2015    Announcement of workshops selected
   December 22, 2015   Workshop Call for Papers due
4. CoNext 2015 program is up  http://conferences2.sigcomm.org/co-next/2015/#!/program
Early regitration deadline is 2nd November http://conferences2.sigcomm.org/co-next/2015/#!/registration
A number of student travel grants are also available http://conferences2.sigcomm.org/co-next/2015/#!/travel
5. The SIGCOMM 2015 main session recordings are now available on the ACM DL
That’s all for now!