Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Meeting, Toronto

Meeting Date: 
18 August 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Tilman Wolf, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav, Olivier Bonaventure

1. Grants for Community Projects
We discussed the possibility that SIGCOMM could offer grants for
projects that help the community.  Fran Spinola has provided some
information about what other SIGs have done for reference. We
discussed a range of projects that might make sense, such as:
 making recordings of a summer school and putting videos online;
 building a database of networking courses and associated materials,
We agreed that Olivier would draft a CFP for review by the EC.

2. CCR
Keshav proposed that we consider a special session at SIGCOMM 2012
where a few of the best papers published in CCR in the prior year are
presented. This would require about an hour, and should be discussed
with 2012 Chairs. Alternatively this could be tried at CoNext.

Keshav's term as EIC ends in 12 months and he would like us to find a

3.  Community Feedback Session

The EC spent considerable time discussing the issues raised in the
community feedback session. Paul Barford's comments in the community
feedback session indicate that we should not sit back and claim
everything is fine without further examination. The EC discussed a
number of possible responses. These included inviting outside review
of SIGCOMM, or soliciting feedback from those who straddle fields and
thus might be able to judge how we are doing relative to other areas.

Henning commented on the difficulties of tracking the community as a
whole (e.g., like Taulbee survey does for U.S. CS education). We could
undertake such a survey ourselves, and also gather data from other
sources such as NSF and Taulbee (but recognizing that we need to
gather data from outside the U.S. as well).

We also discussed the apparent movement of focus to the "fringes" of
networking, perhaps reflecting a view that core networking (routing,
congestion control etc.) may be maturing or just too hard to
influence. Jau agreed to start a discussion with the TSC on this topic.