Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call

Meeting Date: 
7 November 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Tilman Wolf, S. Keshav, Neil Spring, Olivier Bonaventure, Jaudelice de Oliveira, Bruce Maggs

1. CCR
 The EC decided that in 2012 we will start to offer 2 membership
options, "print" (which will continue to include printed copies of
CCR and the SIGCOMM conference proceedings) and "print-free", which
will offer all the same benefits except the print journal and proceedings.
We will slightly increase cost for print members and decrease cost for

Bruce will work with ACM to revise member benefits statement and
ensure that 2-tier structure gets implemented in ACM's membership systems.

Keshav is planning to step down as CCR editor. We have started
seeking a replacement. He will work with the CCR editorial board to
gather suggestions.

2. Community projects

Olivier has sent out a draft CFP for community projects to be funded
by SIGCOMM. The EC liked the proposal and it is ready to go to ACM
after one editorial round. We decided to have 2 deadlines per year,
with an option to consider applications that are time-sensitive "out
of cycle". We would like to highly encourage poster presentation at a
SIGCOMM-sponsored conference or publication at CCR.

Once Bruce has checked that ACM is OK with the proposal we can publish
the CFP in CCR and online.

3. SIGCOMM 2013

We received three site proposals for SIGCOMM 2013. All were quite
strong, and we agreed to have another round of discussion at the next
month's call.

4. Awards
Both the Rising star award and SIGCOMM dissertation award recently had
submission deadlines. Mostafa Ammar is chairing the Rising Star
committee and Matt Roughan the dissertation committee. Multiple solid
nominations for both. Bruce M. is looking for people to serve on the
Test of Time and SIGCOMM award committees.