Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call

Meeting Date: 
12 September 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav, Bruce Maggs, Olivier Bonaventure, Tilman Wolf

1. SIGCOMM 2011
We discussed the quality of conference overall, attendance levels, and
the concerns raised at the Community Feedback Session.

The consensus of the EC is that it's worth collecting some data to try
to understand both how the conference is faring and how the field as a
whole is doing. Henning agreed to collect data about networking
courses from the Taulbee survey. We may want to do our own survey - we
agreed to revisit this at the next meeting. We can also look at data
that is readily available such as attendance at our own conferences
(not just SIGCOMM but IMC, CoNext etc.)

On the logistical side, the sense was that everything was very

2. Community projects

We continued the discussion of SIGCOMM funding community projects. We
learned that SIGCHI already has a development fund (described at
http://www.sigchi.org/about/policies/devfund) that we can use as a
template. Bruce agreed to talk to the SIGCHI chair to learn more about
their process and what they have funded to date. Henning also
suggested we should gather input from our own community about the sort
of projects that they want to see funded before we issue an actual
call for proposals. We also noted that we could use CCR both to
announce the program and in some cases to publish reports on program results.

3.  Awards

Bruce Maggs reported that a committee is being assembled for the new
Sigcomm dissertation award

4. CACM highlights

We discssed possible candidate papers for submission to the CACM
research highlights section. The workshop paper "Networking in the Long
Emergency" was considered a possible candidate but we decided to
recommend it be submitted to Viewpoint section instead. Bruce agreed
to contact the authors.

The EC agreed to go back and look over the main conference program for
other candidates and discuss at the next meeting.