Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call

Meeting Date: 
3 October 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav, Bruce Maggs, Olivier Bonaventure, Neil Spring

1. SIGCOMM 2102
2012 meeting.  Lars Eggert reports that he has been making progress
on sponsorship, all other details look solid at this time.

2. SIGCOMM 2013

We have received expressions of interest from 3-4 proposal teams and
should have proposals in hand by the end of October.

3. Community Projects

Bruce D. spoke to the SIGCHI chair about their community projects
fund. They are a little bit ahead of us, having a call for proposals
out, but haven't received a lot yet.  ACM will help us figure out what
is and is not OK to fund. The next step is for us to put together a
call for proposals - Olivier will draft this.   Example projects might
include: datasets, organizing workshops, organizing software tools for
the community, surveys or samples of the community.

4.CACM Research Highlights.

We discussed the papers from SIGCOMM 2012 and selected two candidates
to forward along to the CACM RH committee. Bruce took the action to
write up the proposals. Henning also agreed to check on a third paper.

Bruce M. will remind IMC chairs to recommend papers as well. We should
be doing this for all our conferences.

5. SIGCOMM Conference Quality

Following some concerns raised in the Community Feedback Session in
Toronto, we continued to discuss ways to assess the health of the
annual SIGCOMM conference and of our field more broadly.  Henning has
looked at Taulbee survey data. We can look at number and percentage of
students in networking - a cursory examination shows no drastic
changes in networking. It may be worth a little more research on these
sort of metrics.

We agreed to create a survey of conference attendees to try to get
some data around what is and is not working well, and to see if
changes to format (e.g. talk length) should be considered. Bruce and
Henning will follow up and create a prototype survey to run by EC.

6. SIG Governing Board meeting

Bruce D had attended the SGB meeting. One item of note was the
announcement of ACM's new approach to open access, the "Author-izer",
which will be announced shortly. This would allow an author to link to
his papers in the DL, giving free access to anyone who uses the link,
while still tracking downloads in the DL.

There was also a talk about problems of conference presentations in
general. There seemed to be a consensus that presentation
quality is high in systems conferences. The issue of all audience
members staring at their laptops received some discussion but no easy
solution other than perhaps to try to discourage it by announcemnents.

We also discussed ways to get more useful interaction after
talks. Shorter talks with more time for  Q&A, a return of the public
review, and panels at the end of sessions were all discussed as
options. These might be useful survey questions (see above.)

7. Awards

Mostafa Ammar will chair the Rising Star Award.  Neil Spring will
sent out publicity announcement about that award and the new
dissertation award.