MECOMM '17- Proceedings of the Workshop on Mobile Edge Communications

MECOMM '17- Proceedings of the Workshop on Mobile Edge Communications

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SESSION: Edge Infrastructure

Virtualization and Programmability in Mobile Wireless Networks: Architecture and Resource Management

  • Kleber V. Cardoso
  • Mohammad J. Abdel-Rahman
  • Allen B. MacKenzie
  • Luiz A. DaSilva

Information-Centric Mobile Edge Computing for Connected Vehicle Environments: Challenges and Research Directions

  • Dennis Grewe
  • Marco Wagner
  • Mayutan Arumaithurai
  • Ioannis Psaras
  • Dirk Kutscher

Wi-Stitch: Content Delivery in Converged Edge Networks

  • Aravindh Raman
  • Nishanth Sastry
  • Arjuna Sathiaseelan
  • Jigna Chandaria
  • Andrew Secker

Managing Data in Computational Edge Clouds

  • Nitinder Mohan
  • Pengyuan Zhou
  • Keerthana Govindaraj
  • Jussi Kangasharju

SESSION: Protocol Optimisation for MEC

Mobility-based Proactive Multicast for Seamless Mobility Support in Cellular Network Environments

  • Xenofon Vasilakos
  • Mohammed Al-Khalidi
  • Vasilios A. Siris
  • Martin J. Reed
  • Nikolaos Thomos
  • George C. Polyzos

Optimization of Webpage Downloading Performance with Content-aware Mobile Edge Computing

  • Peng Qian
  • Ning Wang
  • Bong-Hwan Oh
  • Chang Ge
  • Rahim Tafazolli

Realization of CDMA-based IoT Services with Shared Band Operation of LTE in 5G

  • Shweta S. Sagari
  • Siddarth Mathur
  • Dola Saha
  • Syed Obaid Amin
  • Ravishankar Ravindran
  • Ivan Seskar
  • Dipankar Raychaudhuri
  • Guoqiang Wang

SESSION: Edge Resource Allocation

Geo-partitioning of MEC Resources

  • Mathieu Bouet
  • Vania Conan

RAERA: A Robust Auctioning Approach for Edge Resource Allocation

  • Abhinandan S. Prasad
  • Mayutan Arumaithurai
  • David Koll
  • Xiaoming Fu

SDLB: A Scalable and Dynamic Software Load Balancer for Fog and Mobile Edge Computing

  • Ye Yu
  • Xin Li
  • Chen Qian