May 2015 SIGCOMM Newsletter

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We have a busy newsletter this month, so, let’s dive right into it!

Here is the news for this month:


1. Sylvia Ratnasamy wins ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award

2. SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award

3. SIGCOMM Rising Star Award Nominations

4. Mentoring Program at SIGCOMM 2015

5. CoNext 2015 shadow TPC

6. SIGCOMM 2015 registration now open

7. HOTNETS 2015 CFP now online

8. Data Transparency Lab Call For Proposals

9. Call for Participation: ACM SIGCOMM Symposium on SDN Research


1. We are delighted to announce that Sylvia Ratnasamy, a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley has won the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award for her seminal work on distributed hash tables, a fundamental contribution to the design of large-scale distributed and decentralized computing systems. Congratulations, Sylvia!

2. In other good news, the SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award committee is pleased to announce that the 2015 winner is: Keith Winstein for his dissertation entitled “Transport Architectures for an Evolving Internet” This dissertation proposes and develops the idea of computer-generated congestion control, creatively solving both classical and new problems in network resource management.

The Honorable Mention goes to Hongqiang Liu for his dissertation “Traffic Planning under Network Dynamics” Liu's dissertation presents the design and implementation of practical, uniform, automatic, and proactive techniques to prevent the link congestion commonly caused by network faults and maintenance.

The award committee was comprised of Mark Crovella, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Nikolaos Laoutaris, Alan Mislove, Neil Spring (chair), and Arun Venkataramani.

3. The annual SIGCOMM Rising Star Award recognizes a young researcher who has made outstanding research contributions to the field of communication networks. Each year, ACM SIGCOMM will present a "Rising Star" Award, recognizing a young researcher - an individual no older than 35 - who has made outstanding research contributions to the field of communication networks during this early part of his or her career.  Depth, impact, and novelty of the researcher's contributions will be key criteria upon which the Rising Star award committee will evaluate the nominees.  Also of particular interest are strong research contributions made independently from the nominee's PhD advisor. The award will be presented at the annual ACM CoNEXT conference, where the award-winner will deliver a keynote address. Conference registration, travel, and lodging for the awardee will be paid by ACM SIGCOMM. Nominations must be sent to Bruce Maggs by August 15, 2015, 11:59pm EDT.

4. We are trying a new mentoring idea at SIGCOMM 2015: an opportunity for students and postdocs to meet individually with teams of two mentors to talk about the student’s research.  The idea is to give graduate students (and postdocs) access to feedback from outstanding researchers from outside their university.  Applications are due June 15th.  More information can be found at the SIGCOMM 2015 conference website.

5. During the summer, we will be organising, again, a shadow TPC to train young researchers in how papers are reviewed and ranked at selective networking conferences. Selected researchers must have at least 3 years of experience in networking research and have published a few papers at workshops, conferences or in journals. During June, July and August, they will will evaluate a subset of the papers submitted to CoNext 2015. Most of the work (reviews, discussions) will be done online but the participants will also meet in an in-person TPC meeting on Friday August 21st in London (close to the SIGCOMM'15 conference location). Additional information about the operation of a shadow TPC may be found in a paper published in CCR in 2008 :

To apply for the CoNext 2015 shadow TPC, please fill the following form before May 20th, 2015 :

If you have any questions, please contact the SIG Education Director, Olivier Bonaventure (UCLouvain) by email.

6. Registration for SIGCOMM 2015 is now active and accepting registrations. The URL is:

7. The Fourteenth ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets-2015) will bring together researchers in computer networks and systems to engage in a lively debate on the theory and practice of networking. HotNets will provide a venue for debating broad future research agendas in networking and for presenting innovative ideas that have the potential to significantly influence the community. The CFP is now online:

8. The Data Transparency Lab (DTL) is a community-based effort among universities, businesses and institutions to support research in tools, data, and methodologies for shedding light into the use of personal data by online services, and to empower users to be in control of their personal data online. In order to support research in these areas, DTL will award in 2015 up to 10 research grants of 50,000 Euro per grant to academic institutions worldwide. The criteria for applications and further information about the application

process are described in this document:

9. Building on the success of the HotSDN (Hot Topics in Software Defined Networking) workshop, the Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR) is the premiere venue for research publications on SDN. Co-locating SOSR with the Open Networking Summit (ONS) provides an opportunity for more interaction between researchers and practitioners and more influence on the networking industry. In addition, registered SOSR attendees can attend shared keynote, plenary, and panel sessions, and the social event, on June 17-18 at ONS. The SOSR  program is now available at

Registration prices increase on May 9 - register soon at


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