February 2015 SIGCOMM Newsletter

Dear SIGCOMM Community Members,

For those of you who submitted a paper to SIGCOMM 2015, I hope you appreciated the Friday evening deadline, giving you the whole weekend to spend quality time preparing your IMC 2015 submissions. If you narrowly missed the deadline, fear not! The CoNext 2015 deadline is around the corner, in addition to a number of interesting workshops, industrial demos, and poster sessions to be held with SIGCOMM 2015, providing you with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the European summer or winter. For a summary of the workshops, see http://conferences.sigcomm.org/sigcomm/2015/ and for CoNext 2015 details see item 4 below.

Taking a broader view, it has been interesting to watch the net neutrality debate at the FCC (brief summary at http://www.cnet.com/news/fcc-and-net-neutrality-what-you-really-need-to-...). There seems to be an unexpectedly important role for comedians, TV presenters, and even adult video industry professionals in this debate, although many also believe that there’s no escape from first, business, and economy class data tariffs. I am certain that this year’s IMC will provide a forum for presenting new insight and thought-provoking results on this topic.

Here is the news for this month:

1. Nominations due for the ACM SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Achievement
2. MeetGreen to help with SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences
3. Cyber-security summer school to be held July 13-17 2015 in Estonia
4. ACM CoNext 2015 details
5. TMA Summer School


1. Nominations for the ACM SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Achievement are due March 31. Read more about the award, the previous winners, and about the nomination process at http://www.sigcomm.org/awards/sigcomm-awards

2. We are pleased to announce that that SIG has engaged MeetGreen <link goes here>, a meeting management company, to assist the general chairs and organization committees of our fully sponsored conferences.  MeetGreen will  reduce the strain on volunteers, ensure continuity across conferences, and contribute to sharing best practices  within and across conferences.

3. A summer school on Information Security for PhD students and junior research is to be held in Estonia  from 13-17 July 2015. A number of researchers from the SIGCOMM community will attempt to answer questions on how to keep data safe, how to safely share it, how to anonymise it, what it takes to reverse engineer data, etc.. The event is supported by the Estonian government, EU metrics project, and ACM SIGCOMM, and is being conducted by Olaf Maennel (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) and Jon Crowcroft (Cambridge University, UK). Details can be found at  http://studyitin.ee/c3s

4. ACM Conext 2015 Conference will take place during December 1-4, 2015, in Heidelberg, Germany. Important dates and further info:

Paper Registration: June 4, 2015 (20:59 PDT)
Paper Submission: June 11, 2015 (20:59 PDT)
Notification of Acceptance: September 4, 2015


5. The program of the SIGCOMM-sponsored TMA school program is now available: http://tma-2015.cba.upc.edu/phd-school-program.
The deadline for students to reserve rooms at the school rate is February 16, 2015. More information can be found at: http://www.tma-2015.cba.upc.edu/phd-school

That’s all for now!

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