August 2017 SIGCOMM Newsletter

IMC call for posters, site proposal

The ACM SIGCOMM 2017 conference was held at the newly opened UCLA Luskin Conference Center from August 21-25, 2017. The whole week 'festival' of conference, workshops, tutorials, topic preview and mentoring sessions and other events drew close to 800 attendees. The workshop and conference proceedings were streamed in real-time throughout the 5 days for free access to remote participants, much to the appreciation of the worldwide networking community. The recorded video will also go online in the near future.  The conference featured Keynotes from Prof. Raj Jain (Sigcomm Lifetime Achievement Award) and Prof. Jennifer Rexford (Athena Lecture Award). The conference closing was graced by remarks by Prof. Leonard Kleinrock (, whose group sent the very first Internet packet back in Sept. 1969), challenging the new generation of networking researchers to invent the future.

  • SIGCOMM Best Paper Award Winners

Re-architecting datacenter networks and stacks for low latency and high performance
Mark Handley (University College London), Costin Raiciu, Alexandru Agache, and Andrei Voinescu (University Politehnica of Bucharest), and Andrew Moore, Gianni Antichi, and Marcin Wójcik (University of Cambridge),
Language-directed hardware design for network performance monitoring
Srinivas Narayana, Anirudh Sivaraman, Vikram Nathan, and Prateesh Goyal (MIT CSAIL), Venkat Arun (IIT Guwahati), Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT CSAIL), Vimalkumar Jeyakumar (Cisco Tetration Analytics), and Changhoon Kim (Barefoot Networks)

  • Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan's award and travel grant

During the opening ceremony, the SIG and the conference also recognized Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan, a long-time SIG member and indefatigable volunteer whose spirit, enthusiasm, and many contributions over the years have had an enormously positive impact.  Chris recently passed away and was recognized by a special Service Recognition Award that her husband, Christopher Yurkanan, was able to accept on her behalf.  Chris' contributions will also be remembered by a travel grant named in her honor, and awarded each year to a woman, preferably but not necessarily a student, whose interest in and dedication to the SIG best exemplify Chris' spirit.  The grant will support travel to the SIGCOMM conference, and its awarding will be overseen by the N2Women group in coordination with the SIG. The grant is intended to support travel to the SIGCOMM conference. Candidates will be drawn from women applying for travel grants to the SIGCOMM conference, but an additional statement of purpose may be requested.

  • Business and Community Feedback Session

The community feedback session featured a presentation by Roch Guerin (SIGCOMM Chair).  There were extensive discussions on various aspects related to how to continue improving the SIG and the SIGCOMM conference.  A survey will be sent out as a follow-up to those discussions to get input from the community on possible initiatives.

IMC 2017 CFP, 2018 Site Proposal

  • IMC 2017 Call for Posters

The 2017 Internet Measurement Conference will include a poster session. The poster session is an opportunity for researchers to discuss their early/ongoing work, tools, and datasets to attendees of IMC. Submissions should not be previously published in a workshop, conference, or journal. Previously presented poster and demo ideas are ok, as are descriptions of previously published tools/datasets that have new features. Submit your poster abstract by Sep 15, 2017 and get notified one week later. URL:

  • IMC 2018 Site Proposal

The ACM IMC Steering Committee (IMC SC) is soliciting site proposals for the 2018 conference.

CCR 2017 July Issue
The last issue of CCR was published in July. You can find it at
It contains three scientific articles:

Two workshop reports

CCR Online now also includes a Community Feedback section ( ). Authors who submit papers can opt to announce their papers in this section to receive feedback from the SIGCOMM community. This is also an opportunity to read papers that are currently being reviewed.
Each year, the CCR Editorial Board selects the best papers that have been published during the previous CCR for presentation during SIGCOMM. This year's best papers were: