ACM CoNEXT 2021 -- Call for Organizing Committee

ACM CoNEXT is soliciting proposals from organization committees to host a virtual CoNEXT 2021 conference. As the SIG has opted for all 2021 conferences to be virtual, "site" proposals are simpler as they need not include information typically involved with holding physical events, i.e., venue, hotels, banquet, etc. Below you find the required details. 
Organization Committee proposals should be less than a single page, in pdf format. Send proposals to the current Chair of the CoNEXT Steering Committee (contact details here) with the header: "CoNEXT OC proposal - YEAR" (with the appropriate year in 4-digit format). In case you do not get an acknowledgement within one week of submitting your proposal, you should email the CoNEXT Steering Committee Chair and other members to inquire on its status.
OC proposals should at a minimum provide the following information:

  • Conference General Chair & committee: . CoNEXT conferences typically rely on a team of two general chairs. The proposal shall indicate the names of the proposed chairs, and it should include a list of key members of the organizing committee, including the general chairs and the financial chair(s). Note that the PC chairs are not part of a proposal, as they are selected separately by the CoNEXT Steering Committee.
  • Potential dates: CoNEXT is generally held during one of the two first weeks of December. It seeks to avoid interfering with the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and the end-of-year break. The exact dates will be negotiated  by the CoNEXT SC in consultation with the general chairs, and program chairs. 

Online organization
The proposal shall contain a possible format for the online organization of the venue, with particular attention to mechanisms to stimulate the participation and discussion among participants. Creative ways of presenting papers and engaging the audience are welcome. While preliminary, the proponent shall suggest possible technological solutions of choice, and a schedule organization, to be refined with Program Chairs and the Steering Committee afterwards.
Conference General Chair & Organization Committee
As mentioned above, CoNEXT conferences traditionally involve two general chairs. Both should be widely-recognized members of the broader networking community. The names and affiliations of a few other committee members which the chair can enlist to help with the conference organization should be provided. The position of finance chair (a.k.a treasurer) is particularly important.
Given the virtual venue, the selection of the web and the tech support co-chairs results also key.
Date conflicts
The dates of CoNEXT will be negotiated with the CoNEXT Steering Committee. As mentioned, for planning purposes proposals can assume that the conference will be held during the first two weeks of December. Given the virtual venue, we expect no local constraints, but particular attention shall be given to worldwide holidays which might affect participation.