SIGCOMM Policy on Withdrawal of Papers

While SIGCOMM strongly encourages authors to withdraw papers that contain significant technical or ethical errors — at any time, but as soon as the authors are aware of the problem — we wish to discourage authors from withdrawing a paper for foreseeable reasons, especially after the paper has been accepted.

  1. The CFP should state that authors must not submit papers if they have good reason to believe that a third party is likely to block its publication for legal, ethical, or business reasons.
  2. If the authors discover such a problem between submission and acceptance, they have a duty to immediately notify the PC chair(s).
  3. If a paper is withdrawn, post-acceptance, for such a reason, the authors agree not to re-submit the same material for peer review, anywhere, for a period of two years. The two-year period can be waived at the discretion of the PC Chairs.