Editor's Note

Dina Papagiannaki
Appears in: 
CCR October 2015

Welcome to the last CCR issue for the year 2015. We have had quite an intensive year. Throughout the entire year of 2015 we received 105 submissions and published 19 papers (both technical and editorial). In August, we held our most successful ever “best of CCR session” that saw tremendous attendance but also very positive feedback. I am very excited about what CCR has achieved so far and thank all the authors for their interest in CCR.

This last issue of 2015 features five papers, out of which four are technical contributions and one is an editorial. The technical papers cover topics such as secure DNS, OpenFlow, network analytics, and transparency in the Web. The editorial presents a position around what the authors call edge-centric computing. I hope you do enjoy all the articles.

Our industrial liaison board column features Dr. George Varghese. Dr. Varghese discusses his experience in moving academic knowledge to commercial products. He uses 3 different examples and clearly demonstrates that there is no “one size fits all” approach to technology transfer. I find his “lessons learnt” a useful guideline to consider before embarking in such a journey.

Finally, this issue sees the end of term for two of our associate editors. Prof. Phillipa Gill, from Stonybrook University, and Prof. Joel Sommers, from Colgate University, are ending their tenure at CCR. I would like to thank them both for having produced some of the most thought provoking public reviews and for always having provided considerate, constructive feedback in all the papers they had to deal with in the past 2 years.

Our farewell to Joel and Phillipa comes with our welcome to two new associate editors. It is my great pleasure to welcome to the CCR editorial board Prof. Fahad Dogar, TUMS University, and Prof. David Choffnes, Northeastern University. They both join with tremendous energy. I am delighted they will lend us their expertise for the next 2 years.

With this, it was a great pleasure to see some of you in London. I found SIGCOMM to be a stimulating, vibrant venue with ever increasing reach. I left London with lots of new ideas, and a sense that our community has the potential to make a true difference in the world. Let’s keep it up! Dina Papagiannaki CCR Editor