October 2014: Editor Message

Dina Papagiannaki
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CCR October 2014

Welcome to the October issue of CCR. This issue features the technical and editorial papers that comprise CCR's quarterly content, but also all the papers that appeared at ACM Sigcomm, along with the best papers selected from its affiliated workshops.

Sigcomm this year was attended by 733 people, making it the second highest attendance event ACM Sigcomm has ever had, after Hong Kong last year. More interestingly, 23% of all attendees were coming from industry, something which I also noticed during the presentations and the follow up questions. Our conference has become a very vibrant venue for an expanding community. A community, that seems increasingly interested in solving difficult scientific problems while having impact on the technology landscape as a whole. I am really looking forward to the results of such closer collaboration between academic and industrial researchers.

The SIGCOMM award was presented to Dr. George Varghese, “for his sustained and diverse contributions to network algorithmics, with far reaching impact in both research and industry.” George’s talk was focused on his framework of structuring his research, such that he indeed solves difficult problems that will change the landscape of technology in a fundamental way. I surely hope to secure an editorial submission from him in a future issue of CCR, where he can describe in his own "written" words his thinking around what he calls "confluence."

The main content of the conference revolved around software defined networks, data centers, wireless and cellular networks, security and privacy. Security and trust are also the topics of our three CCR technical papers for this issue. The editorial section comprises the report from the 6th workshop on active Internet measurements, a position paper aiming to define “fog computing,” and the introduction of an interesting open platform for cellular research, OpenAirInterface. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Finally, this issue is marking the end of tenure for two of our editors, Dr. Renata Teixeira, and Dr. Sanjay Jha. I wanted to thank both of them for their service to CCR. With that, I hope you enjoy this extended issue of CCR and I am always at your disposal in case of questions/suggestions. Dina Papagiannaki CCR Editor