MobilityFirst: A Mobility-Centric and Trustworthy Internet Architecture

A. Venkataramani, J. Kurose, D. Raychaudhuri, K. Nagaraja, M. Mao, S. Banerjee
Appears in: 
CCR July 2014

MobilityFirst is a future Internet architecture with mobility and trustworthiness as central design goals. Mobility means that all endpoints - devices, services, content, and networks - should be able to frequently change network attachment points in a seamless manner. Trustworthiness means that the network must be resilient to the presence of a small number of malicious endpoints or network routers. MobilityFirst enhances mobility by cleanly separating names or identifiers from addresses or network locations, and enhances security by representing both in an intrinsically verifiable manner, relying upon a massively scalable, distributed, global name service to bind names and addresses, and to facilitate services including device-to-service, multicast, anycast, and context-aware communication, content retrieval, and more. A key insight emerging from our experience is that a logically centralized global name service can significantly enhance mobility and security and transform network-layer functionality. Recognizing and validating this insight is the key contribution of the MobilityFirst architectural effort.