Network Utility Maximization in Two-way Flow Scenario

F. Ge, L. Tan
Appears in: 
CCR April 2014

A communication network usually has data packets and acknowledge (ACK) packets being transmitted in opposite directions. ACK packet flows may affect the performance of data packet flows, which is unfortunately not considered in the usual network utility maximization (NUM) model. This paper presents a NUM model in networks with two-way flows (NUMtw) by adding a routing matrix to cover ACK packet flows. The source rates are obtained by solving the dual model and the relation to the routing matrix of ACK packet flows is disclosed. Furthermore, the source rates in networks with one-way flows by the usual NUM model are compared to those in networks with two-way flows by the NUMtw model.

Public Review By: 
Nikolaos Laoutaris

The authors extend the Network Utility Maximization (NUM) model of F. Kelly to encompass the case of two-way flows, ie, flows in which data packets and acknowledgements share a full duplex channel. This is an interesting generalization of a very famous part of networking theory. Despite the fact that most derivation and results presented here were seen as rather straightforward by the reviewers, they all agreed that the full duplex scenario is an interesting case. Clearly more work is required for porting into this case many of the known results for half duplex channels.