October 2013: Editor Message

Dina Papagiannaki
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CCR October 2013
Welcome to the October 2013 issue of ACM Computer Communications Review. This issue includes 1 technical peer-reviewed paper, and 3 editorial notes. The topics include content distribution, SDN, and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).
One of my goals upon taking over as editor of CCR was to try to make it the place where we would publish fresh, novel ideas, but also where we could exchange perspectives and share lessons. This is the reason why for the past 9 months the editorial board and I have been working on what we call the "interview section" of CCR. This October issue carries our first interview note, captured by Prof. Joseph Camp, from SMU.
Prof. Camp recently interviewed Dr. Ranveer Chandra, from MSR Redmond. The idea was to get Dr. Chandra's view on what has happened in white space networking since his best paper award at ACM SIGCOMM 2009. I find that the resulting article is very interesting. The amount of progress made in white space networking solutions, that has actually led to an operational deployment in Africa, is truly inspiring, and a clear testament to the amount of impact our community can have. I do sincerely hope that you will be as inspired as I was while reading it. This issue of CCR is also being published after ACM SIGCOMM in Hong Kong. SIGCOMM 2013 was marked with a number of records: 1) it has been the only SIGCOMM, I at least remember, hit by a natural disaster - typhoon Utor, 2), resulting in 2 entire sessions postponed to the afternoon (making it essentially dual track:), and 3) it has had the highest acceptance rate since 1987 - with 38 accepted papers.
During their opening remarks the TPC chairs, Prof. Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Prof. Srini Seshan, Carnegie Mellon University, presented the following two word clouds, which I found highly interesting. The first word cloud represents the most common words found in the titles of the submitted papers, and the second one the most common words in the titles of the accepted papers. Maybe they could form the input to a future editorial by someone in the community.
As one can tell, Software Defined Networking (SDN) was one major topic in this year's conference. Interestingly, behavior, experience and privacy also appear boldly, confirming the belief of some of the community, that indeed SIGCOMM is broadening its reach, covering a diverse set of topics that the Interent is touching in today's society.
This year's SIGCOMM also featured an experiment. All sessions were scribed in real time and notes were added in the blog at layer9.org. You can find a lot of additional information on the papers, and the questions asked on that site.
Reaching the end of this note, I would like to welcome Prof. Sanjay Jha, from the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia, to the editorial board. Prof. Jha brings expertise in a wide range of topics in networking, including wireless sensor networks, ad-hoc/community wireless networks, resilience and multicasting in IP networks and security protocols for wired/wireless networks. I hope you enjoy this issue, and its accompanying special issue on ACM SIGCOMM and the best papers of its associated workshops. I am always at your disposal in case of questions, suggestions, and comments.